Thursday, December 23, 2010

A Book Set to Music

I had the bright idea of a way to recycle a music greeting card and make a gift for a two year old all in one. I shake my head now because I didn't think it through before I started. Then the book I tore apart for the cover wasn't put together in a way to make it easy on me so I am revising the way I actually did my book now that I know what the mistakes I made were and this is on the assumption that your book cover has a stronger binding than mine. As you can see I had to reinforce mine.

You will need an idea for this book that coincides with your music. Mine was a body part book that I collected pictures of the child in questions  hands, feet , eyes and such. Paired the pictures with the song "Simply the Best" By Tina Turner.

Gather together these things. Carefully take a book cover off of a book that isn't valuable and that you don't want anymore.  Paper of your choice for the pages. And depending on how you want to bind the pages you will need glue and possibly needle and thread.

Now cut your pages down to size remember to leave extra for binding a half inch should do. Now we will work on the mechanical part. First cut the music card to size without cutting the metal parts or the link from one side of the card to the player.  
You will need to have one full sheet of paper  measured and cut so that it will fit across  the cover as well as in both directions. We might have to cut it down after we are done gluing , it might be touch and go.  Fold the paper in half with care and then take your scissors and cut into the fold in the middle. Leaving a slit to put the card through.

Put the card through it, cut the card to fit if necessary. Now put glue around the bump where the mechanism is on the back outside part of the card and spread the glue around evenly so you don’t get as many ripples on the paper. Then glue the inside front of the card now you need your single pieces that are cut to size to cover both parts of the card that still show. Let it dry then try it out to make sure that it still works.
Tested and proven to be ok after all that gluing get out the glue again. Get a strip of paper that is the same length as the book pages and an inch and a half wide fold it in half. It will be the tab that holds these two pages in the book so make sure it's strong. Glue this piece to the card this will be the middle of your book it is going to hold this in the book so be sure that it is secure.

 After the glue dries dress your pages in whatever it is that is the substance of the book arrange them in order.

 To bind the book you can glue the half inch extra on your pages together and to the cover. Or you can get out you needle and thread and stitch them together. I glued mine because of the flimsy nature of my cover.  I would have rather stitched it for a more polished look but it really is your decision, it is your book. If you glue make sure that you set something heavy on top and leave it sitting over night, make sure that it isn't disturbed.  Now you can do what you want to the cover if you haven't already. Now that it's done enjoy.

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