Sunday, December 12, 2010

Another Gift? Yes!

Gift For Anyone ages 3 and up  Refillable Travel Doodle Book

Yes, it is travel worthy, it's a book and best yet refillable! Here we go first you cut the cover off a book. WAIT! First make sure to take these steps

1. Make sure it's a book of little value.
2. It needs to be hard covered.
3.The cover needs to be undamaged.

Now we can cut the cover off the book. Try not to damage the cover, we are going to use it. Before we go on this is the time for you to decorate the cover. Depending on the person. Since mine is a gift I printed out the child's name on a bank white paper and did the same for the binding and back so that he could draw or glue what he wanted on it. 

 I'm going to tell you what I used for the keeping the book from going wonky and make for a smooth drawing surface. I have the clothe shopping bags that have a rectangle bottom. The bottom has a separate piece that makes the bag stand right when you set it down even with nothing in it. I hope you are following me since I have no name for that piece of plastic or what ever it is. Well, sense my bag ripped I just took that bottom piece to use. It happened to be the perfect size for the book I picked out. I lined up the plastic and fitted it to the book. Then I bent it in the right spot to open and close easily with the cover piece. I had a thick book cover so I had to bend it in two spots. Then I glued it onto the cover set the inside piece that I cut out inside of it then covered it with other books then left it to dry. Wow that was a mouth full.

You could use a sturdy piece of cardboard and cover it with paper or fabric so that no one could see it. After it dries take the cover and lay it flat in front of you. If everything went well with the gluing you will see a hole between the cover and the plastic.
Take a ribbon and thread it through and around the inside cover and tie it tightly. Now you can slide paper under that band and fold it so that they won't fall out. You might have to cut the paper to fit depending on the size of the book. To top it off I threaded through a second ribbon and left the end long. Then I tied a loop in the ribbon on the end and slide a pen into it.  Now it's ready for the doodler.
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