Tuesday, December 14, 2010


I adore a good book. Just cocoon yourself in the comfort of blanket and read yourself somewhere amazing. So for me the ultimate under the tree gift is a book. So when I came across this site I just had to share. The site is www.storybird.com .  The site has hundreds of books made by average people that you can read for free to your children or read yourself. If you decide that hey I think I'd like to do this. You can make your own with the pictures they have. Then to top it off you can buy the book you made. Which is wonderful. If you don't want to make the book public you don't have to. So you can personalize it and give as a gift. E-mail it to a friend. Or share with the world. I love it. If there is some art on the site that you really adored there is a way to contact the artist to buy it. Since all art is for story boards the artist has to have around 20 or 30 images for the story enthusiasts to choose from if you are an artist that wants their work published you have to have that may ready before asking permission. So guess what I'm working on. Yep, a ton of pictures.
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