Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Cameras in Small Hands

There are things that you just can't hand over to your kids. I don't believe that your camera needs to be one of them. If you haven't bought your child a child safe camera but you do have a digital camera of your own this is for you. I will tell you that under super vision letting your child experiment with your camera with be something that is a win win.
 Let them know that you're entrusting them with something that can break. Set up guild lines for them. Depending on their age this will help them with their self esteem and confidence.
 If your kids are like mine they need a goal in mind. Let them know that you would like pictures of let's say flowers in the yard. Let them find their subject and take the picture the way they want. When they have taken enough pictures let them see them on the computer. Have them pick out one or two favorites. Print them off for the child to hang in their room. If you really want to make their day frame it and hang it where everyone can see. It makes for a nice memory and lets them know that what they see and like matter to you.
 Accept their vision of what beauty is. It can be difficult because sometimes we have a small box in which we lay beauty or what we think is an exceptable picture. I'm asking that for you give them the benefit of a doubt. Even if it is the ugliest picture you ever had the disprivilege of seeing. Print it out for the child let them hang it and if you really don't get it. Ask them why they like it and write the reason on the back. So when the child doesn't like the picture anymore you can put in a safe place to look back on. Consider it a lesson in seeing through the eyes of your child. 
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