Friday, December 10, 2010

Hopeful Holiday Gifts

Greeting bloggy world.... Huff. Sorry kid interruptions happen often. This is the holiday season and kids are brimming with excitement. Ok they are spilling over with it. This means that broke momma has to figure out a way to get some presents under the tree. This year we are going to try to swing for one big gift a piece for the kids and I would like to have some little ones under the tree. I hate to see bare floor under the tree. So idea momma has made a decision. I am making small gifts for the kids this year. The house is a mess while the creative juices flow so the sooner this stuff gets done the better.

 The list of gifts so far are all customized to each person or child. It's always a good idea to personalize if it's a homemade. The more thought you put into it the less likely they look at it as if you'd lost your mind. Personally I despise that look.

Girly Girl Gift age 4-6 possibly- Paper dolls upgraded.
For those of you that play on Facebook I got most of my idea for this from Sorority Life. Except I downgraded the doll to a child figure. Drawing out the doll and then drawing out each outfit to fit it of course. Color then cut them out stick them into the laminating sheets I bought. Cut out. Stick the self adhesive magnet on the back of the out fits. Place the doll onto a background of your choice then laminate it onto something metal and you've got yourself a self made paper doll that with pieces that with any luck won't get lost hence the magnets.

Little Boy Gift age 4-6 Monster Mash upgraded

I used the same idea for this as the Girly Girl Gift except that I made funky parts to put on a blob or blobs of different shapes. These would be goofy eyes, tentacles, gross or funny mouths, wiggly arms, strong arms, stick like legs or boots. Just any strange or fun body parts will do. Put the monster form or forms into a setting of your choosing then laminate it onto something metal (as you can see I used a pizza pan) and you've got a funny gift put the kids name on it somewhere so that they know that it was special made for them. They are sure to love it.

Boy Gift age 8-up Travel Game Box

I came upon these little metal boxes with a clasp. Honestly I got them from the place I work for free. Took them home but because they have umm hate to admit this Grizzly written on them. Don't look at me like that they were empty. Anyhow I made a customized cover for it with the name of the boy on the top. Clear adhesive tape or better yet the sticky part of the laminating sheets hold it on the top of the box.  Another box option would be a metal pencil case or small metal lunch box. Now you have to decide what game or games you would like to put inside. I made up a mini checker board and mini tic tack toe boards laminated them in. Then did mini game pieces for him to use, all laminated and magnets put on the back. I being in creation mode used the transformers icons for the pieces  to make it even more to my sons taste.

Girl Gift age 7-up Friendship works

Get a smallish container with a clasp (I told you I had alot of little metal boxes to work with). The lid must once again as always made to fit the child it is for. Then inside I but assorted colors of cross stitch floss. Being a former girl that loved making friendship bracelets cross stitch floss gives you a few more options than other strings you can leave it thick or separate it out into the single strands. Put these in the box but you aren't done yet. Now time to do some research. I went to to get instructions so that the girl in question can try something new.

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