Saturday, December 11, 2010

Long Gifting Night

Last night ok, this morning at three I sat back and looked at the finished gift with relief. Then dragged my exhausted self to bed. Then proceeded to lay their having a billion ideas to post on my blog but lacking the energy to get up and follow through. Lovely. Eventually I did get to sleep not to worry. So now that I have the computer to myself I'll at least get one of those ideas down now.

Gift- ages 3-up  Monster of a Treasure Keeper

Laying around I had a wood box with a little hinged latch to hold it closed. You can find these or something like it at craft or hobby stores.

On this gift I was thinking of how many little odd things my little boys bring home. These would be walnuts, leaves, rocks, shells and such. Where do the kids put these things when they get home? That's right they leave it on the floor, on the table, on the bathroom get the picture.

So I took that little wood box and painted the first layer with a white acrylic paint. The hole time getting a picture in my head of what I wanted the box to look like. Have I told you that I love acrylic paint. It mixes well, blends well and drys fast. Waiting for the box dry, I finally drew with a pencil what I want my monster to look like.

Just so that you have the hole picture. The top of my box has the eyes. Huge fun eyes but you can put the eyes on the front of the box it really is up to you. Remember use your imagination it might surprise you. Then on the front right under the lapse I made teeth.

Now open your box. Inside right along the top and bottom ledge I but what looked like teeth. This is the mouth of my monster and at the bottom inside of the monster is the tonsils and tongue. or you can put these on the back part of the box so that you can add other strange objects to the monsters mouth. Anything goes have fun with it. So after I have it all drawn out in pencil. Paint!  Tadaa you have a treasure holding monster that the kids can carry around or set on there dresser.

I'm working on another child gift, an adult gift but I'm going to wait until I have a finished products that works before posting the how tos. Hope my ideas can be a big hit in your house. Thanks for reading,  Dee
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