Monday, January 31, 2011

Marking Your Vehicle

I have a car!! Celebrate! Celebrate!
With this new car I have big plans. I have big plans because it's mine. He isn't going to drive it and I'm going to make it all mine. How? You ask. Here is the plan.

  • I'll make a very nifty steering wheel cover.
  • Save some money to put some covers on the seats.
  • Buy plenty of those magnet bumper things. I always wanted one of those fish on my vehicle.
  • I'd hang something cutesy wootsy from my mirror. Maybe a prism or an elephant. Or both!
  • Get some fun bobble head things to sit in the back window. Wouldn't the kids love that!
Ok I'll probably only do half of those things but I think it's going to be fun anyway. Maybe I'll have a car warming party. I'll serve chocolate donuts and some blue Kool-Aid. I'll hand out ice scrappers and big dice. We'll have games like name that car. I would hope for gifts like spare tires, fun floor mats, air fresheners and car wash tokens. A good time would be had by all.

My car not right out of the show room but it's a good car that will take me from point A to point B. That is something to be thankful for. Try going without a car for a month when you live in the boonies and see if you aren't excited. I'm sure all of my drivers this month are ready to celebrate too. So maybe if I did have that party I'd have a couple people show up if not just for the donuts.

Some Cheap Easy Storage solutions

Some of my favorite storage solutions. 

  • For those of you that have shelves but want a clean look or just want to keep things from rolling off. 

I took the good shelves from a broken dresser to keep things orderly and hidden. Not a good solution for children so consider that before using this idea.

  • For those of you that work in the retail industry. At times companies or businesses have display items that they no longer need. It is possible to bring these home. This is how I acquired this.

  • Some storage options can be deceptive. Something that you can put right out in the open as decoration.
These cigar boxes are only one example. You could also use tins, cookie jars or anything that you have a collection of that looks appealing. I have several of these cigar boxes and they give to impression of the past and they act as storage for spare change, pens, jewelry...
  • Sometimes the best storage are the obvious ones. Sometimes they are made for a different purpose and you may not see it as a good storage solution to what you are looking for. Here are some examples.

 Tackle boxes used to store sewing supplies 

A box originally intended for baby memerabilia now labeled and used for pens, pencils, tape...

This case was marked at the store to be intended for scrapbooking. I found that it fit better to hold my paint supplies.  

  • There are also the usual storage solutions that can't be improved on.

As you can see anything can be your storage solution. What is pleasing to you can be used. It's just up to you how you decide to use it.

On a mission

This weekend I worked my tail off, and I'm definitely paying for it. I started off Friday night by taking my son to his Dad's and picking up Dee and her kids on the way home. I was keeping them for a few hours while she worked. I decided I only have the baby and her 3 so it was like having all our kids home and I was determined to get stuff done.
I had already taped up the 3 year old's wall and it was ready for the first color of paint. Luckily, a good friend of mine had a couple colors I could use. So on with the yellow while Dee's daughter and my little guy watch on bouncing around on the bed in the middle of the room

While waiting for that to dry, I move over to the other side of the room and start the grey background color.

By the time I got that done, the yellow was dry so I peeled the tape and did the circles grey.

In the mean time I had long conversations with my niece, nephews and son. They certainly made the job go quickly. Took a couple breaks, to have graham crackers and frosting, diaper changes, and cleaning paint brushes, and answer questions.

Saturday, after dropping my baby off at my Moms I ran to town for the rest of the paint colors. Wal-Mart had zilch and I wasn't going to buy a whole gallon when all I needed was a quart, the only other place in town was a Sherwin Williams, and I can't pay $22 for a quart!!! Especially when I needed 4.
I called my hubby, and left town totally bummed. I had 36 hours before the first 2 kids would be home, and my goal was to get most of it done. As I went through a little town headed home I figured I would try my chances at a True Value, which in a small town can sometimes be pricey, my luck was back and I was able to get all 4 quarts within my budget!
I rushed home to get some painting and taping done before going out with my hubby for our anniversary. I ended up only leaving myself a half hour to get cleaned up and ready to go out. Ooops.

I don't think I looked to bad, plus we weren't doing anything to fancy. A Whitetails Unlimited dinner, which was fun but would have been better if we had walked away winning something. All in all a great anniversary!
We got home and lounged around and then the excitement of having the paint got the best of me, so I painted for a couple hours. I eventually crashed around 2am.

My hubby let me sleep in and even made breakfast before I went up for my marathon painting to get stuff done! I still have to do above the windows and doors which I was still undecided about and a couple walls.
After finishing the painting, my hubby and I put up #1 loft bed for the 6 year old. I then went to go pick him up, and he was ecstatic with the room. Its still pretty much destroyed and nothing is really where its suppose to be except his bed and the baby crib. But hey, I kicked butt and got a lot done!

Thursday, January 27, 2011

It's Flawed, It Can Still Be Treasured

The first part of my day was spent at Bells and did a little bit of helping sort through a little mess. Ok I was tired of seeing stuff on her steps so I kind of pushed us into cleaning it up, sorry Bell you know how I am sometimes.
Then we went to my house and she kind of encouraged me to go head and switch stuff around. Which means that I had to clean out those boxes that I pushed into the deep recesses of the closet never to be seen again. Talk about an assortment of things I couldn't care less about. But finally my closet is looking better, the dressers moved and shelves moved. I even anchored a dresser to the wall all by myself using the drill. I was very excited. There wasn't even another adult present. My oldest threatened to tell dad. Laughing and warned all the children that I'd better not find them climbing on the thing.
On to the kids room to put up the wonderful finds that my sister handed over to me during the cleaning party. How is it every time she cleans I accumulate more stuff?   
I took down a purple chandelier and put up one of those pretty over the bed tent things for my daughter. She argued but I offered to put the beads from the chandelier onto the tent and she was pleased. So I took each one off the chandelier and hooked them on the inside and outside. Nearly toppling over from every move of the kids on the bed. It was like being at sea but I got the job done.

The beads and the dragon fly clips hid the little flaws beautifully.

The boys received a Cars lamp that just needs new light bulbs. So I hung it and asked my husband to pick some up on his way home from work.

 Just in time to get ready for the new Cars movie.

While I was doing all of this my youngest was taking the drawing that I had taken down. He starts hanging all of it around his bed. It's so cute. It wasn't even just the pictures he made but the things the other two made also. Mom is rubbing off.  Things that others don't want can still be wonderful or made wonderful.

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

In the works

I'm trying to do some housework. OK, not dishes and laundry cause that is hardly exciting enough to blog about. Our 4 kiddos have all been sharing a room, not because they have to but because that's what they've wanted. I'm very ready for just the boys to share a room and our girl to have her own.
Dee and I had drawn on the boy's bedroom walls months ago before our girl was moved into their room. Mr. 6 year old was given a Ben 10 corner.

based on this picture but without Ben in the front

Well he decided even after having that drawn on his walls, and Mommy is about ready to buy the paint that he didn't want this after all. He wanted "spiderman", but then feared he would change his mind again. I guess at this age I shouldn't be surprised he's picked up on the "grass is greener" thoughts. He always feels he's missed out on something by doing something else. Oh the poor guy! He has also decided he wants his own room! EEK, sorry we just don't have a set up for each to have their own room right now. So unfortunately there is still no making everyone happy.

I've decided to go ahead with the "spiderman" look he wants buildings and a web, so changing the burst in the corner to a web and do a little city skyline thing.

Thank goodness our big 3 year old is pretty easy to please, although I absolutely despise his most adored cartoon, it is what it is and he is thrilled to be getting a "spongebob squarepants" themed room. Mostly, a sponge look minus bob's squarepants. Which means yellow walls with grey spots to look spongeish.

How much of this could you handle? EEK

When it comes to dear sweet "baby" he's pretty happy with whatever you throw at him. I wanted it to be something he really liked but at the time he wasn't interested in anything specific. We went with a "mickey mouse clubhouse" theme also known as a grey wall with big red and yellow spots, plus blue and green so it doesn't look like a rival teams colors. Well in the past couple of months that show has become one of his favorites. He now dances anytime I ask if he wants a hotdog, and I continue to sing "hotdog hotdog hot diggity dog".

You can't go wrong with Mickey Mouse!

So thanks to my social networking site, I've gotten alot of help and probably helped clean out some peoples closets. I'm ready to get our kiddos settled, at least until we totally get to remodeling the upstairs and they all have their own rooms. Until then this is what I do for the wee ones I love.
Look for more pictures soon, as I and whoever I end up recruiting to help will paint and pain and paint this weekend!

Except for Saturday night as that is me and my hubby's 1st anniversary. We will celebrate by going to a hunter's dinner thing, and by having a kidless evening!

I love you my dear penguin!

Have a happy weekend, bloggers! Make the best of it.

Wonderful Contact Growing Serum

Bell and her little one took me to my contact class. You have to successfully put in and take the contacts out of each eye three times. Getting them in was fairly easy it was getting them out that was difficult. If I'd been graded I'm sure the lady would have given me a C. I have to be better than a few people at doing this right? So after almost scratching, squeezing and poking my eyeball she finally told me that I was free to leave and that I would do fine. I wasn't about to take them out in front of her again so I decided to wear them home. They tell you to only wear them for five hours then take them out that way you get accustomed to them slowly. It wasn't until I left the office that I discovered why. Suddenly I was really tall! I grew a foot while I was in there. That's some craziness. I discovered that my nephew was shorter than I originally thought. Wow! No wander it was getting harder to pull myself off the floor. I'm a giant! Here are some before and after pictures.




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