Tuesday, January 18, 2011

And, we're back!

Talk about 2010 being an out of whack year! The year started out like just another year, with my hubby being laid off from his road construction job, then going back late April. The hours started out short and made everything stressful, so He being the "bring home the bacon" kind of guy picked up another job. A paper route, yep my hubby was the "paper boy" for a small town. It wasn't a huge amount but it was something he could do on his way to his full time job for some extra money. Well as nice as it was to have a little extra money, it really started to wear on us.
He was constantly tired and frustrated from missing out, and I was resenting him. Its like I forgot who he was just months before. He would get up around 3am to do the route, be at work at 6 would get home anytime from 2-6pm or later, if it was early he would do some work in the garage to make some extra money and when he wasn't there he was in the house. In the house would have been great but if he sat for a minute we knew he was out for the night, when he forced himself to do something and stay awake we were bickering and arguing.

It paid off around Christmas, we received a lot of cards from his customers and some tips helped also, but it was time to get our family back. The last 2 weeks of his route were awful.
For months I felt like we were just passing each other in life, granted months aren't that long but over half a year is still missed moments and memories. I felt like a single mom with 4 kids, 2 exes, a live in money maker and a lot of debt.
He is done now, done with the route back to being laid off, and we've started to get our family back to being the way we used to be.
A couple nights ago we played scrabble with the 9 year old, with the little boys running around being "helpful" and played catch in the house, ran around and rough housed, all 6 of us. We made a family train with the kids holding each others legs and my hubby pulling them along the floor, even though as long as all 4 are laid out covers most of the floor!

Praying for lots of family time this year, so to my readers.... don't blink. Yep its that simple, every time we close our eyes and wish time away, it really does disappear. So for tonight, even though the kids are in bed I'm thankful for my family time and miss it when we aren't all together. Look around, how blessed are you?
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