Thursday, January 6, 2011

Dirty Canasta

 Tomorrow night at this time we will be play dirty Canasta! Oh, how I love playing dirty canasta with my favorite girls. I love the words Dirty Canasta. Say it with me Dirty … Canasta!

  Dirty Canasta was passed down to us from my great grandma. She combined all the little hitches of different games into one game. Then taught it to her daughters, granddaughters and great granddaughters. 
Books that were used to get the dirty rules. Scandalous!

Now that great grandma is gone we have kept the tradition alive. At any family get together we gather up our decks and card shufflers and play the game. It has been a great thing that keeps us close and laughing. We miss playing it with the woman that could teach us the game while playing beside us. A woman that would not remember what you had in your hand as soon as she returned to her own cards. Lord, how we loved her. So in return for all the laughs and love that we had over this game of cards we are going to teach it to her granddaughter -in-law for her.

  What makes it even better is how excited our new dirty canasta player is to start playing. So we'll break out the cards.

 Pay a teen to watch the kids in the back of the house while we play. Hey, when your family are your day care providers on the days you work this is the price of having some fun with them. No one seems to mind though. We adore our children. And how else are they going to be prepared for the time that they are old enough to play the game unless they are exposed early right?

  I'm really hoping that it's a great night so that it can become something that we can get together to do once or twice a month at least. You know us girls need to get together to blow off some steam. 
That really needs to be some kind of law! Girls need at least one night a month to get together vent, laugh or just forget everything else. It's like recharging and I am overdue!
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