Saturday, January 15, 2011

Doctor Visits

It's been a few days since I've posted and it could be a couple more before I post again.  I'm working the weekend then going to be in town at one doctors then the other. I had to reschedule my eye appointment and it just happens to fall on the same day as my other appointment. To add to the excitement I mean stress. The kids don't have school on that same day. Oh and did I mention that we are down to one vehicle so I had to ask for a ride from my mom.

 So to compound things I'll be visiting my optometrist and my (gulp) female doctor with my mom and kids in tow. It should make for an interesting morning. Pray for me. Just kidding my kids are usually well behaved when we go to doctors offices. Being as how many times we've had to go there over the years together. Yes, I am that mom you saw bringing three small children into the doctor's office all by herself. Three in one appointments are my specialty. I've got it under control and get it done in one day. 

 Quick sketch of how it must have looked.

 The good old days. We would go everywhere together. They weren't in school yet and I'd pack them up in the stroller and take a walk around town. Visiting the local businesses and library. Grabbing a smoothie on a hot day to split between the three of us. everyone walking out with a partial cup. All the questions I answered during those walks. Makes me smile.

 When they were walking and I finally trusted that they would listen I'd teach them to watch for cars, and told them not to talk to strangers unless mom says it's ok. We'd go to the child activities going on in town.

When we lived in town the kids were exposed to more than they are now. It saddens me but at the moment I don't have a choice. Now that they are older it costs to take them to things for their age groups.

You know I sat listening to my oldest son read a fifteen page book. And looked at him and found a little man. It amazes me how much he's changed from my quiet, chubby little toddler to this tall, thin dramatic boy. He is seven and doesn't have much to go before he will be looking me in the eye. Was I so worried about his grades, making sure his room was clean, and keeping him safe that I didn't see him grow?

The same goes for my daughter. One day she was happy just to sit and play with pretty hair clips while I braided her hair. The next she wants an explination for why she can't wear what she wants or in the case of yesterday why she had to wear what she didn't want. Her reasons why she didn't, was that the butt was too big in the pants and that she had to fold up the bottoms alittle. And the girly drama starts.

My youngest is a contradiction if there ever was one. Even as a baby he has been serious. He has always been very set in his own ways. Everything has to be just this way and if it's not he throws a fit or hides because he can't find the words for how upset he is. And yet he is the boy that since the day that he learned how to talk would talk until he fell asleep at night.
My oldest has learned how to sleep through the chatter. So I didn't think anything when I invited his cousin to stay the night. That poor kid got up in the morning complaining that he didn't get any sleep (slightly exaggerated) because my youngest wouldn't stop talking. Now my baby is in preschool and I see him changing all the time. Not being as serious, being more loving and asking more questions. It's all amazing.

It all brings new joys and challenges. They are all new and exciting but I miss rocking my babies at night, holding my toddler in my arms and dancing around the kitchen giggling. Having a child sitting in the cart looking up at me while I wonder out loud why I am purchasing what I have in my cart.  A little one in the high chair eating cheerios watching and jabbering at me while I wash the dishes. I sometimes wish that I could still have those pieces of the past tucked into my day's now. I'm not saying I want more kids. Three is enough for me I just miss those bits of heaven every so often. Who wouldn't?
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