Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Getting Healthy?

So here is the deal. I am fed up with the way I look and feel. This felling of driving around in a deflating blimp has gotta go. I need feel better about myself. Gain some self confidence. So I started by calling the eye doctor. I know that sounds funny. No I don't think that it's just my eyes putting on the pounds.  But the fact that I am wearing glasses that make dents that hurt into my nose .That sometime I would like to have the choice of wearing sunglasses and I miss not having to keep track of a pair of glasses all the time. Enough of that. The second appointment I made was the over due female appointment. The third was with my doctor for a physical, possibly anxiety pills and for his say on me dieting. 
Calling doctors isn't the only things that I have been taking charge of. I have been watching my portion sizes and eating healthier foods. Trying to force myself to get out and exercise hasn't gone as well but I'm a work in progress. I set up a support group on facebook with my friends although they really don't know what to do with it which is kind of a laugh. No one wants to say. "Hey I am really craving that Little Debbie right now. It's looking at me! HELP!".  So here I am blogging about it and it's good for a smile at least.
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