Tuesday, January 11, 2011

The Gray Binder

Sometimes I wonder about my sanity. Does anyone else keep notebooks and binders full of odd and end facts, instructions or pictures? I decided to dig out one of my binders to see if there could possibly be anything useful in it to post on my other site. You know the one that I put my practical ideas. Maybe practical isn't the right word but you get the picture.
I think it's time for you to get a glimpse at what I collect when I think I'm on some sort of mission to greatness.
First of all is my catalog of things my perfect house would have and organized by the room.

Don't forget how the outside of the house is suppose to look. Besides the fact that I have the black thumb of death for all plants I do have that planned too.

The house is now taken care of in my binder of dream life. I am now in safety mode. I am going to save my family and the environment by cutting all Red Alert ingredients from one of the green manuals I picked up. I have it all here. right out of Gorgeously Green by Sophie Uliano. I'll just have to check every product label for these core ingredients there are only forty of them! I mean really how can I possibly miss a word like P-Phenylenediamine ,on the back of a cleaning product?

If I experience time problems when searching ingredient labels I took down some recipes I could use instead. For safe cleaning sprays and such. That should help. Except that I can't find the ingredients at my usual stores and it's similar to cooking. You may not realize this but you have to have the drive and the interest to mix this stuff together in the right measurements.  I'm sure you can guess if I ever tried them.

Alright energy, we will work on saving electricity.  I have it all written down. What CFL watt light bulb for what room. Problem is that my husband, being the scavenger that he is took all the light bulbs when we moved, so guess what we are still going through. Yep, a bag of the old standby bulbs. Then I have the list of what you should and shouldn't buy according to the energy and chemicals that go into the making of a product. This I got from Green Chic saving the Earth in style by Christie Matheson. If you ever need answers about eco friendly items let me know I'm sure I have the answer in my gray binder.

Ahhh! Looky here in the middle of all that environment friendly studying I had time to read some card game books and write down the instructions to the ones I liked. I must have filled this binder when my husband was working twelve hour days and we lived a distance from my family. Bringing back the memories.

I also had time to corner my husband at some point to make him answer some questions I'd written down.  Did you know when you learn a little something new about your partner every now and then it can spice up your relationship? Don't let it get boring especially when you don't see much of each other. What would my binder of life be without some uncommon questions and answers?

I'm covering my bases and I've now come to my favorite Christian authors.  Whom are Cathy Marie Hake, Debra Clopton, Jillian Hart, Janet Tronstad, Gail Sattler, Tracey Victoria Bateman,  Robin Lee Hatcher, and Lori Copeland.  There are more on the list but I can't remember what they wrote.

Wow, now I jumped into instructions on how to write my own book. Breaking it down to plot construction, points of view, character development, dialogue, settings, mood, and a query letter to top it off. All from the book How to Write (and sell) a Christian Novel by Gilbert Morris. 

Did I ever tell you that when I jump into something I jump in with both feet and pretend to swim until I get tired and then I drag myself back to shore panting? Well I do and now your warned.

All that swimming shows on the next hand written pages. I also took notes from How to Say it Style Guide by Rosalie Maggio. This one contained elements of effective writing, construction, revising and a study guide of which I wrote down everything nearly word for word.

Just encountered a blank page. At this point I think I took a break from my study of book writing because the next thing on my agenda was to copy down instructions out of DIY books that I wanted to try but didn't have the money to try. At least I still have it on hand if I ever need to make my very own fountain , container water garden or dig my garden bed or drying flowers or possibly diagnose a plants symptoms. That last one may come in useful when I drown my plants under the fountain. If I can diagnose the problem I won't have to dry them right away or use my garden bed as a plant cemetery.

After all this "how to" knowledge that I built up I decided that I'd try to learn German on my own. Using a fifty year old book that I once again would take notes from and try my best to figure it out.  You can probably understand that nothing was retained because I would dig deep get nowhere and turn back.

This all makes me wonder what were the real reasons that these didn't work. Did I just not take it far enough? I know this wasn't the case because I looked into all that I could on the library shelves for what I was reading into. Because I had no computer it stopped there.

Was I pursuing the things that I was really interested in or even skilled at? I had an interest and I went for it. I truly believe knowledge is power.  

Was it that I didn't turn to the right people for help? In a small town there are few people to turn to and when you are put in an unfamiliar town sometimes there are even less.

 Or could it be I wasn't listening to God about what I was destined to do? I know that God was on my side during that time in my life. I was consistently going to my bible, to Jesus for words of encouragement or answers. I would get them each time. Maybe not right away but I would get my answers. My bible was what filled me with hope, kept me calm in crisis and helped me to forgive.

 It was very difficult time and I believe that this hit and miss list of books could have been what kept me sane during the day. I could not read my bible without interruption when the kids were awake so I would take up something during the day that I could put down without regret. When all you have are short hours with your husband,  long hours with three small children and you are in the middle of your third move in two years. You have to have something to keep your mind busy and off of the chaos of the packing and moving. Let alone the reasons why you are moving. No, I believe that God had me where He wanted me. I believe that I'm where I need to be now because I listened. Those were some difficult learning years for me that I needed. Those years put me and my family where we are today. I'm very thankful.

I can only come up with one more question to this query. Could it be that this binder's ultimate purpose, was to be made by a desperately lonely young mom, to be hashed through and cut up into pieces on this blog for you?

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