Wednesday, January 26, 2011

In the works

I'm trying to do some housework. OK, not dishes and laundry cause that is hardly exciting enough to blog about. Our 4 kiddos have all been sharing a room, not because they have to but because that's what they've wanted. I'm very ready for just the boys to share a room and our girl to have her own.
Dee and I had drawn on the boy's bedroom walls months ago before our girl was moved into their room. Mr. 6 year old was given a Ben 10 corner.

based on this picture but without Ben in the front

Well he decided even after having that drawn on his walls, and Mommy is about ready to buy the paint that he didn't want this after all. He wanted "spiderman", but then feared he would change his mind again. I guess at this age I shouldn't be surprised he's picked up on the "grass is greener" thoughts. He always feels he's missed out on something by doing something else. Oh the poor guy! He has also decided he wants his own room! EEK, sorry we just don't have a set up for each to have their own room right now. So unfortunately there is still no making everyone happy.

I've decided to go ahead with the "spiderman" look he wants buildings and a web, so changing the burst in the corner to a web and do a little city skyline thing.

Thank goodness our big 3 year old is pretty easy to please, although I absolutely despise his most adored cartoon, it is what it is and he is thrilled to be getting a "spongebob squarepants" themed room. Mostly, a sponge look minus bob's squarepants. Which means yellow walls with grey spots to look spongeish.

How much of this could you handle? EEK

When it comes to dear sweet "baby" he's pretty happy with whatever you throw at him. I wanted it to be something he really liked but at the time he wasn't interested in anything specific. We went with a "mickey mouse clubhouse" theme also known as a grey wall with big red and yellow spots, plus blue and green so it doesn't look like a rival teams colors. Well in the past couple of months that show has become one of his favorites. He now dances anytime I ask if he wants a hotdog, and I continue to sing "hotdog hotdog hot diggity dog".

You can't go wrong with Mickey Mouse!

So thanks to my social networking site, I've gotten alot of help and probably helped clean out some peoples closets. I'm ready to get our kiddos settled, at least until we totally get to remodeling the upstairs and they all have their own rooms. Until then this is what I do for the wee ones I love.
Look for more pictures soon, as I and whoever I end up recruiting to help will paint and pain and paint this weekend!

Except for Saturday night as that is me and my hubby's 1st anniversary. We will celebrate by going to a hunter's dinner thing, and by having a kidless evening!

I love you my dear penguin!

Have a happy weekend, bloggers! Make the best of it.
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