Thursday, January 27, 2011

It's Flawed, It Can Still Be Treasured

The first part of my day was spent at Bells and did a little bit of helping sort through a little mess. Ok I was tired of seeing stuff on her steps so I kind of pushed us into cleaning it up, sorry Bell you know how I am sometimes.
Then we went to my house and she kind of encouraged me to go head and switch stuff around. Which means that I had to clean out those boxes that I pushed into the deep recesses of the closet never to be seen again. Talk about an assortment of things I couldn't care less about. But finally my closet is looking better, the dressers moved and shelves moved. I even anchored a dresser to the wall all by myself using the drill. I was very excited. There wasn't even another adult present. My oldest threatened to tell dad. Laughing and warned all the children that I'd better not find them climbing on the thing.
On to the kids room to put up the wonderful finds that my sister handed over to me during the cleaning party. How is it every time she cleans I accumulate more stuff?   
I took down a purple chandelier and put up one of those pretty over the bed tent things for my daughter. She argued but I offered to put the beads from the chandelier onto the tent and she was pleased. So I took each one off the chandelier and hooked them on the inside and outside. Nearly toppling over from every move of the kids on the bed. It was like being at sea but I got the job done.

The beads and the dragon fly clips hid the little flaws beautifully.

The boys received a Cars lamp that just needs new light bulbs. So I hung it and asked my husband to pick some up on his way home from work.

 Just in time to get ready for the new Cars movie.

While I was doing all of this my youngest was taking the drawing that I had taken down. He starts hanging all of it around his bed. It's so cute. It wasn't even just the pictures he made but the things the other two made also. Mom is rubbing off.  Things that others don't want can still be wonderful or made wonderful.
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