Saturday, January 8, 2011

Loopy Canasta

That was some fun! We started our first game at 6:30 then didn't check the time until around 8 then went on still until someone looked at their phone to find that it was 11:22 . Time was really flying. We were getting so loopy by that time that everything seemed to strike a our funny bone. Sometimes being overly tired is a good thing. 

Oh she is going to regret laying those down. Hehe.

Our teen sitter turned out to be amazing watching all seven kids. Well the one year old would wonder in to see his mom but that wasn't any biggy. It was also reassuring that we could hear laughter and no fighting. That girl was amazing!  We pitched in to give her double what we originally planned.

My hubby got home just in time for the second game. He caught on quick and I think enjoyed himself. So we didn't get a just us girls night but considering that we got one complete game to ourselves we weren't going to complain. It was nice to have him. He gave the game a little pick me up. Not all of us were night owls and my husband has a way of keeping people awake, in a good way.

Because it was such a late game I now have six kids camped out on the floor. Better that then dragging then out in the cold. Good thing I'd caught up on washing blankets before company came because that many kids takes up most of them.

Tonight was a night that everyone enjoyed and I can't wait to do this again.
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