Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Non Fiction

I'm always hearing about these great non-fiction books. Once in a while I'll even pick them up. The I sit and look at the cover, read the back and ultimately put it back on the shelf. It sound like a great book but I can't force myself to read them it seems.

Therefore if you are waiting for me to read and post about one you might be waiting a while. Having said that I have to admit that right now I'm in the middle of reading one. I have been in the middle for a week now. Which is not the norm for me if you haven't noticed. Once I sit down with a book I usually don't put it down until I'm finished or something better comes along.

The book I have has been wonderful. It's Debbie Macomber's "One Simple Act"  Discovering the Power of Generosity. I bought this one. Probably a good thing because of how long it is taking me to get myself to sit down and read it.

I think my problem is that these are true stories. This happened to real people and it turns me off. Maybe it's because I hear about things happening to people during my day to day life. Reading about more just makes my throat tighten and my head pound. Weird? Possibly, it's just the way I am. I hate hearing about bad thing happening to real people.

 I think it's a control thing. I can't control what happens to others and I don't like it. You don't find that in fiction. Fiction just tells a story, no guilt, no helplessness. Which makes fiction safe. Non-fictions is similar to when you are bleeding and you feel ill and faint. Fiction it equal to seeing someone bleeding on a movie. Do you get my meaning? Maybe I'm being too sensitive but this is how it is for me the facts come out and I get shaky with emotion. So I choose not to do non-fiction.

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