Monday, January 17, 2011

Cheddar Salad

The font I use for my writing is called Cheddar Salad.  It seems to fit my persona for today. Woke up at six thirty to get the kids washed and dressed. The sleet was coming down but my mother told me already that there was no way I was missing my appointments.  I have to shake my head. She is great and always pushes for us to take care of ourselves. So when we decide that it's time she is right there to help us do just that. I love her so much. So my mom with her cold and some toys for the kids  braves the sleet. Ice is froze to the outside of her car when she comes to my rescue. She picked us up at eight so that I could make it to my first appointment of the day. Don't worry we took our time getting there and arrived safely.

Eye doctors…  I never would have guessed how excited mine would get over finding out that I wanted to try contacts! I have had the same glasses for five years and he complimented me on the shape of them over that long of time. Thank you doc. 

My Glasses. Are you jealous?

After five years these things are drilling holes in my head. I wouldn't mind at least seeing if contacts are the thing for me. As soon as they get the right prescription in, contact city here I come.

Next stop women's health care. You know what that means. I was glad when it was over but as soon as I voice a concern and with my family history. Well, let's just say there was no way we could let it just be. We are hoping that what is going on with me can be solved without a mammogram. One of the concerns were my thyroid might be on the high side again and could be causing problems. That's the good news. Funny how a problem could be good news but if it's not that it could possibly be something worse. So we pray for an easily solved problem.

So I had to go to blood sucking lady to get samples to test. I hope you're not getting squeamish. I'm sure I came out of that room looking a little pale.

What is the first thing you do after getting blood drawn? Go to the Hut of course! So the kids got a chance to use their booket coupons.  It was nice to relax after all that other stuff. Lunch can't last all day so we were off again after we all had our fill. 

Wal-Mart ended up being a mess that went like this… hand over prescription. We go look around. Take three kids to the restroom the oldest groaning about going in the woman's room. "Suck it up and get in there, I can't be sure to be I'll be there when you get out of the men's room." Mom still doesn't feel comfortable with her seven year old being even remotely alone in a store of that size. We go looking around again. See some familiar faces. Wonder to the toy department so the kids can look. Then to clearance. I see some clothes the kids could use so I pick a couple. The kids start acting up. Oh my gosh they'd been so good up to this point. I warned my youngest if he wondered away one more time he was going in the cart. I told the other two if they didn't listen to me or my mom one more time they would go in the cart. Yes, I have no problem sticking all my children in the cart if they can't behave. I even told them if they all act up they'd all go in the same cart I don't care how cramped it is in there! 

Quick sketch so that you can get the feel for how I will
  scar them for life!

Two ended up riding in that poor cart with the coats. If they are going to act like babies I'll treat them like babies. I even warned them that if they fell out of the thing that I wasn't going to take them to the hospital. They both sat still.

Finally it's time to get my prescription and what happens.  My insurance picked up none of the pharmacy bill.  So I had all but thirteen cents of it so my mom grabbed change out of her purse. None of those extra purchases for me, thank you anyway.

This is why you don't wait this long to be seen by your doctor. Appointments over time is much better than all at once.

Like I said cheddar salad! It fits.
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