Monday, January 31, 2011

On a mission

This weekend I worked my tail off, and I'm definitely paying for it. I started off Friday night by taking my son to his Dad's and picking up Dee and her kids on the way home. I was keeping them for a few hours while she worked. I decided I only have the baby and her 3 so it was like having all our kids home and I was determined to get stuff done.
I had already taped up the 3 year old's wall and it was ready for the first color of paint. Luckily, a good friend of mine had a couple colors I could use. So on with the yellow while Dee's daughter and my little guy watch on bouncing around on the bed in the middle of the room

While waiting for that to dry, I move over to the other side of the room and start the grey background color.

By the time I got that done, the yellow was dry so I peeled the tape and did the circles grey.

In the mean time I had long conversations with my niece, nephews and son. They certainly made the job go quickly. Took a couple breaks, to have graham crackers and frosting, diaper changes, and cleaning paint brushes, and answer questions.

Saturday, after dropping my baby off at my Moms I ran to town for the rest of the paint colors. Wal-Mart had zilch and I wasn't going to buy a whole gallon when all I needed was a quart, the only other place in town was a Sherwin Williams, and I can't pay $22 for a quart!!! Especially when I needed 4.
I called my hubby, and left town totally bummed. I had 36 hours before the first 2 kids would be home, and my goal was to get most of it done. As I went through a little town headed home I figured I would try my chances at a True Value, which in a small town can sometimes be pricey, my luck was back and I was able to get all 4 quarts within my budget!
I rushed home to get some painting and taping done before going out with my hubby for our anniversary. I ended up only leaving myself a half hour to get cleaned up and ready to go out. Ooops.

I don't think I looked to bad, plus we weren't doing anything to fancy. A Whitetails Unlimited dinner, which was fun but would have been better if we had walked away winning something. All in all a great anniversary!
We got home and lounged around and then the excitement of having the paint got the best of me, so I painted for a couple hours. I eventually crashed around 2am.

My hubby let me sleep in and even made breakfast before I went up for my marathon painting to get stuff done! I still have to do above the windows and doors which I was still undecided about and a couple walls.
After finishing the painting, my hubby and I put up #1 loft bed for the 6 year old. I then went to go pick him up, and he was ecstatic with the room. Its still pretty much destroyed and nothing is really where its suppose to be except his bed and the baby crib. But hey, I kicked butt and got a lot done!

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