Monday, January 10, 2011

Open the Door

Well I'm new to the blog, I'm Dee's insanely obsessed sister. I find something I like and get totally passionate about it. Since splurging on Christmas and a day out to see Monster Jam with the kids, I've decided we need a vacation.
No, I don't want to take the family to some huge largely crowded city, or to a hot place to lay around on a beach! I have an obsession with the Door, as in Door County, Wisconsin. My hubby and I went there last year for our honeymoon and fell in love with the place!
If you haven't been there it's a must! Most people haven't heard of it but most have heard of "Death's Door" as in shipwrecks! I'm hardly a water person but I love the stories!
I'm the ultra planner. In my daily life I don't exactly follow thru, but when it comes to vacationing and doing it all, that would be me! Hmmm, maybe I should be a vacation planner or something.
Ok so back to the Door, when it came to things for my husband and I to do it was easy, now to make sure it's a good place for the family to go. In case you missed it, my family includes a 9, 6 and 3 year old and 20 month old (who would be 2 by the time we went) so my list making comes in handy. Here is how I start.
-Where to stay- must be big enough for family of 6, preferably with a view, but not too close to water or businesses.
-Things to do- fun activity to include all kids, a place to go to learn, a place to be creative, a place to run, things to see.
-Where to eat- with a fairly large family, we will be making meals at the place we stay but when we do go out I'd like a list of family friendly restaurants.

Now when those things are figured out, then the real work starts.... when to go, saving money and packing lists! YIKES
Here is your mission readers, open your own Door, get out there and do something! :D

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