Saturday, January 15, 2011


So I got this free table a week ago, it's a nice round pedestal table with 5 chairs. Half of the top of the table had been sanded, it definitely needed to be finished. 

Before Pictures...

All I could think was there is no way I'm going to actually accomplish this task. Nothing I start ever gets finished, plus it's in my hubby's garage which he usually has plenty of his projects to do in there. Well I guess it just takes someone to actually say "hey let's do this" to get the ball rolling. So how many blondes does it take to refinish a table? 2, a couple drinks, and snacks don't hurt either.
So my friend comes over with her husband's electric sander and we stick the baby in the high chair with snacks and get at it. Talk about entertaining!
I greatly enjoyed working with my hands and seeing the product that I helped make beautiful.
Talk about a super busy weekend, I got my four coats of poly on my table and its being used and cleaning up nicely. 

 AFTER!!! Just a few more pieces to go...

All that hard work makes me want to do more... so now I'm thinking I need to find time to do the chairs, and I want to do our ugly bathroom cabinet and maybe just maybe our kitchen cabinets! HAHA

So not only did I get the table finished and in the house, we also were able to get a great deal on some appliances. Used, but they are in great shape and way newer then our previous ones. Many hours of scrubbing later and my hands burn and my muscles ache. So all of that on top of our already slightly hectic daily life with four kids, makes me absolutely exhausted!
Yep I love a little hard work, don't you?
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