Sunday, January 9, 2011

Register Drive

As you may know I work in a gas station. Ok not a glamorous job but it makes the world turn right?  Or at least makes it possible for the world to drive away.

Any who, I've come to the conclusion that the station was set up on the principle to make everyone walk the farthest possible distance to get whatever it is they are looking for. You need the restroom you have to walk all the way around the counter past the chip wrack and then back the same direction that you came in by. Yes, it's nearly a full circle. Oh you need the milk try the farthest corner from the door. What's that? Now you would like a twenty four pack of beer? Oh well in that case go straight back through the door into the cooler on the other side of the store and try your best not to trip over the displays on the way.

Now if you happen to work here and you need to do anything at all make sure to wear your walking shoes or better yet your jogging shoes. To leave the register you have to walk around the ten foot counter, past the five foot ice cream case and still passed the flat of twenty four packs of Mountain Dew. Oh and your job is to refill coffee, cups, and ice that is down the center of the building. Make sure that you answer the beeps of the register when someone needs fuel. Watch for customers so that you can serve them in a timely fashion. You are also to sweep, vacuum and mop all the floor on the other side of that great patrician of wonder that is your thrown of money taking power.

If you are the one that is beeping me on the other side of the thrown of registerness that it took me five minutes to get to. I apologize and thank you for not just driving away when I didn't get your gas approved in the appropriate amount of time.

Now that you have the picture of what the set up of the store is. Imagine if you will a well known customer that is wanting a cappuccino in her usual favorite flavor. And it's all out. I of course come speed walking around the… well, we will just say counter. I'm in the process of taking the corresponding holder out to refill with the drink mix when the register starts beeping. Well I have learned a trick it's easier to just reach over the counter to push the button from the wrong side.

I jogged over which is still a distance away from the coffee machines. Then I just make it back and take the lid off and what happens. You guessed it the thing is beeping. I'm telling you that it was died in here before this woman shows up. So I jog back over shaking my head. I get two steps away and it beeps again. She is laughing. I assure her that I'll be right there. I push the button with a little extra force before getting back to the cappuccino. 

I am so close by this point to filling this thing when I look over at the register and I have a customer standing there waiting! Why don't we have a bell over the door? As you can tell I'm still scrambling and tell the customer that I'll be right there. Good grief!

Ok ,now I have to make it all the way around that darn counter to get to the customer (I'm sure that this job sometimes constitutes as a workout) when the thing starts beeping. Where are these people coming from?

You wouldn't think of a cashier job as a work out. Most cashiers just stand there for hours taking money. Oh that would be too easy for me I would have to have the one cashier job that makes you jog from one end of the store to the other at a moment's notice. Uhhh I'm exhausted just typing about it.

All that work was well worth it when the lady that I was getting the drink mix for came up to the counter laughing holding her two drinks. Come to think of it almost every time she comes in something like that happens. She must be the stores muse. The muse to chaos but it's the kind of chaos that makes me want to laugh. So everything turns out for the best I suppose and it's probably helping me get off some of this extra tubbiness right? So that was my day in a nut shell and if you can't tell I like my job… most of the time .
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