Monday, January 24, 2011

Round About Journeys and Hard Love Seats

Sorry to be away so long. Have to work once in a while just like everyone else. It was a tiring, slow day today. All day I was told to stay warm. It was four degrees when I got to work and stayed that way all day. My husband and kids dropped me off at work and my mom, sister and her kids picked me up from work. With a love seat in the bed of the extended cab pickup truck. No, they weren't just cruising around with a couch in the back for fun. We aren't that hickish. They'd went to get it and were picking me up on the way home.
 We arrive to my parents house in a good mood and we all pour out of the truck and go in to visit before we move the love seat. The kids are on the floor playing with blocks and we're finally done visiting. Dad asks mom where she is going to put the love seat. Mom looks around her furniture filled room and says "I don't know". If I haven't already mentioned it we are down to one recliner in my living room because I couldn't take another day of dealing with the stuffing falling out of my couch. My obvious coarse of action is to take action. This is my chance. Though I'm not completely convinced that it's a good thing. It's too low to the floor, it has nearly no cushion and it's not very uh pretty. But it's a seat that holds more than one. I miss sitting with a child as they read school work to me or cuddling during a show. At this point I'd give anything for this seat because it's a seat that at least pretends to be a love seat. I'm asking for it now! 
They all look at me. Well, if we would have known you were going to take it we would have unloaded it there before dropping mom off. Was the basic response I got. Uhh! Then we shake our heads and laugh.
 I swear every time. We always go the scenic route instead of in a straight line. We don't get too upset about it, just laugh. We know He has his reasons for sending us on round about journeys.
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