Monday, January 31, 2011

Some Cheap Easy Storage solutions

Some of my favorite storage solutions. 

  • For those of you that have shelves but want a clean look or just want to keep things from rolling off. 

I took the good shelves from a broken dresser to keep things orderly and hidden. Not a good solution for children so consider that before using this idea.

  • For those of you that work in the retail industry. At times companies or businesses have display items that they no longer need. It is possible to bring these home. This is how I acquired this.

  • Some storage options can be deceptive. Something that you can put right out in the open as decoration.
These cigar boxes are only one example. You could also use tins, cookie jars or anything that you have a collection of that looks appealing. I have several of these cigar boxes and they give to impression of the past and they act as storage for spare change, pens, jewelry...
  • Sometimes the best storage are the obvious ones. Sometimes they are made for a different purpose and you may not see it as a good storage solution to what you are looking for. Here are some examples.

 Tackle boxes used to store sewing supplies 

A box originally intended for baby memerabilia now labeled and used for pens, pencils, tape...

This case was marked at the store to be intended for scrapbooking. I found that it fit better to hold my paint supplies.  

  • There are also the usual storage solutions that can't be improved on.

As you can see anything can be your storage solution. What is pleasing to you can be used. It's just up to you how you decide to use it.

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