Friday, January 21, 2011

Summer Reminiscing

While relaxing in the tub I reminisced about our summer. Yes, I bathe are you shocked? I was reminiscing about one day in particular. My sister Bell and I decided to take the kids to the pool last summer. Her two and my three. So we packed up all of our must haves and dressing in our swimming gear.

Then on the way we realize that the sun screen needs to be on for a little bit before you go into the water. What do we do? We search for it in the van going down the road and find none. Being as we are super moms with a reputation to protect. Certainly, we'd rather not be responsible for five little lobsters crying in agony. Just kidding. 

We detour to my sister's house to find some sun screen. Only when she was inside searching I find mine and start lathering children not even bothering to take them out of the van. Real moms climb over seats and magically lather a child in their seat. Bell comes out with more stuff and we take off again.

We make it to the pool without further incident. Start unloading kids, bags and a blow up floaty. How I didn't notice it earlier I haven't a clue. Us super moms march in children surrounding our feet. We pay and go to the chairs to set our stuff down, yelling all the way.

Heads up, none of our kids know how to swim yet. All of them except of the youngest two were in their first year of swim lessons. Being good moms that don't want to take any chances, get life jackets for the little ones to wear. The oldest ,able to touch bottom just barely, is a problem that we'll have to keep tabs on. The baby is in the floaty thing and at first doesn't like it so that is set on the side until we are in.

We all get in, the youngest are shaking. They are clueless about what to do in a life jacket. I drift to the edge dragging my girl and little boy with me. Have you ever dragged someone in a life jacket before? It's kind of like dragging a boat by its side rather than its front. It bobs, shimmies and tips. Here I have two that I need to keep up right and their feet and arms are going every which way. I'm thinking a little further, just a little further. 

 Don't let me fool you we had an audience. We were just too busy to care.

We reach the edge on the shallow end and my daughter gets her feet and hands on the wall ledges and is good. I let her follow the ledge with a friend from school also in a life jacket. Keeping my little guy with me. He's not too comfortable and looks like the jacket is strangling him. Oh Great. All this time my sister was guarding the ladder we'd come in on so that the other three could wait or maybe she was guarding the bobbers and my oldest came in first? Well anyhow, my oldest thinking that he was going to touch bottom when he got in pretty much sank to the bottom. Trust me he didn't get that far before one of us was pulling him up and guiding him to walk the wall edge to the shallower end. 

I'm sorry but that pool is not family friendly. The design is faulty. Between Bell and I we had at least one bobber or floaty baby at all times. Half the time shaking a bobber off onto each other to have a free hand to save the none bobber. My oldest and gutsiest child. I'll tell you we did not last long at the pool and that was the one and only time we went all summer other than for lessons. Lessons at a pool with a zero entry side.
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