Tuesday, January 18, 2011

A Thirst for Volunteering

I'll tell you something that I do, just to do. I volunteer at the local Hospice. It is something that I thought would fit me. I'm morbid at times and in the same breath I think I'm somewhat friendly. Empathetic. might be a better term for it.

I really like what this hospice does. Helping those that have been diagnosed to have a short period of time left. Diagnosed being the operative word. No one can tell you how long you really have left except God and He hasn't been handing out time cards. They also give the support family members need. They have supply's for those that need them and they send out volunteers and nurses for at home visits.

Any who, I did take the classes and did the homework to be a certified hospice volunteer. ( I hope this knowledge isn't frightening anyone.) I received my little honorary badge with my name on it. Then I tried to do an at home visit. It didn't go so hot. I tried my best to make her comfortable, ask the right questions about the care she was getting and things she was having problems with. I tried with all my might to get on a subject that would make visiting with her easy. Her kids, activities, interests, anything and I failed.

I didn't let it get me down. I had every intention of visiting her again but then things with the kids came up and I ended up just not having the time to go back. So they have someone else taking over for me. I feel awful that I am not able to put all that training they put into me to good use.

Nothing goes to waste I keep telling myself. Eventually I will need to have all that information to take care of my husband in his old age, that he's convinced started when he turned twenty eight. So my dear husband if I put a garbage bag under you, to help me slide you off the bed easily ,that is one of the helpful hints that they gave during my hospice training.

Being that they are nice people they still ask me to help out at their events. Tonight they had their annual soup supper. It was held in the cafeteria part of a church. When I arrived people were trickling in out of the cold and everything was set up and ready. I went around pouring water and lemonade into thimbles they called cups. I'm wondering if I had a sticker on my forehead saying "idiot". The looks I received, when I was going past the same tables several times, were winners. Then the other volunteers would sometimes look at me like I'd grown two heads. I think that it's because I'm so much younger than their average volunteers and that I don't show up very often. At least I hope it was that and not that they thought I had half a brain or something.

 I was just trying to be helpful. Maybe it was just one of those times that they had more than enough help and I should have just went home. At home it wouldn't have been steaming. As the place filled up with people it seemed to get hotter and hotter. These people didn't need soup in my opinion they needed ice cream. My diet has me dreaming of yummies. I can't even type a blog without mentioning them. So let's recap I wasn't needed in that sauna and soup festival. They were just too nice to tell me so.

If you haven't notice tip toeing around an issue with me doesn't work, you sometimes have to use large print or draw a picture. Pictures work really well.

Oh well they knew that I have good intentions. I always have good intentions but seem to fall short of the mark. Maybe volunteer work is just trial and error. Everyone has their own way to make a difference.
I enjoyed my night despite the looks. Being busy and helpful to at least a few people made it worth the time and effort. They can't say anyone went thirsty at least.
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