Monday, January 24, 2011

Wet Paint on Basketball Pictures

There's a big basketball game coming up and the town is having a business window contest. Last year I made the picture for the gas station. Making a huge painting for the window all by myself. It ended up in an almost catastrophe. First I didn't realize how flimsy the paper was and got it a little too wet. It nearly fell apart on me.
The last thing I did was write the words. Another mistake. My spelling was off a lot. Amazingly I had actually written it in a light color and was able to cover it up, wait and fix it. It kills me a little every time I have to wait for paint to dry. I'm one of those that is constantly checking it and getting my fingers in it. Just like a kid. I nearly went mad waiting for it to dry so I could redo it. We won but I think it might have been by default since there were so few other businesses that actually decorated. The gas station got to have a huge fake trophy to show off for winning. Isn't that special.
You can just guess who they asked to do it this year. Yep, me. I told them last year that I wouldn't do it again. But I figure that I'm prepared now. So I agreed and ask when. Today! What! Do we even know who they are playing or what their mascot is? No? So with some calling around we figure it out. Then we stand around stumped for a good ten minutes as to what to make. This is where Bell comes in. She is my go to gal when I'm stumped. Bell came through wonderfully.
Then we are getting the paper taped up to fit the window and I ask if I'm going to be able to use the office like last year. Nope. I have to do it out in the open for everyone to see. I'm sure that my butt sticking up as I was painting was really a sight. I already look lovely wearing my sweat pants and t-shirt that says "It's not easy being me but somebody has to do it".  Tell me again why I let myself get roped into these things?
Fortunately this year I have the help of a fellow coworker, high school student. We spread out the paper, paints, brushes and all on the floor. I set her up to do the words. Heaven forbid if I mess up the wording this year.  I worked on drawing the picture out in pencil, outlining with black, and coloring in. I was done with all this by the time my perfectionist partner was done writing and painting the words. Oh well as long as it gets done, and without incident. 

The things we do for kids and money. That's right I'm getting paid for making that thing. Not nearly enough. It took us three hours to get it done. Oh well it was fun anyway and if asked I'll probably agree to do it next year.
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