Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Wonderful Contact Growing Serum

Bell and her little one took me to my contact class. You have to successfully put in and take the contacts out of each eye three times. Getting them in was fairly easy it was getting them out that was difficult. If I'd been graded I'm sure the lady would have given me a C. I have to be better than a few people at doing this right? So after almost scratching, squeezing and poking my eyeball she finally told me that I was free to leave and that I would do fine. I wasn't about to take them out in front of her again so I decided to wear them home. They tell you to only wear them for five hours then take them out that way you get accustomed to them slowly. It wasn't until I left the office that I discovered why. Suddenly I was really tall! I grew a foot while I was in there. That's some craziness. I discovered that my nephew was shorter than I originally thought. Wow! No wander it was getting harder to pull myself off the floor. I'm a giant! Here are some before and after pictures.


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