Thursday, February 17, 2011

A Mom Becomes More

I'm ready for a change.

I'm going through some kind of late twenties crisis. It doesn't mean leaving my husband. It just means things are changing. 

First was the start of the diet. I fumbled that one. But the exercises that I do when no one is around has me fitting in my tight jeans and my comfy ones drooping a little. It's nice to see some results.

Slightly thinner me

Second was getting on anti depressants. I feel so much better. I actually want to get up and do things and see people. I might even be better company!

Is that a Smile?

Third would be all the redecorating, reorganizing, redoing and idea gathering. Such as moving all my crafty things into the house. Moving the toys to the kids rooms. Getting ideas for different things to do around the house. Just being myself in fast forward. The way I love it.

Fourth is that I ditched the glasses and have contacts now. I'm still getting use to them but I see better with them than my glasses. Always a good thing. I'm also learning new things. Such as it is possible for them to fall out without your knowledge. You have to blink more which is probably good thing for your eyes. If you get contacts everyone can see how puffy your eyes are in the morning or blue circles under your eyes. EEKKK!


That brings me to my Fifth. Makeup. Yes, this laid back girl is going to have to get her hands on some makeup at least under eye makeup or foundation. And you know where that leads. A hold cupboard full of beauty products. Yes, I've already been down this road. I'm just hoping I'll be wiser this time.

Almost Perfect right?

Sixth and newest is that I dyed my hair today. I went for blond. Let's just say my hair took it like a duck to blue Jello. It thought it over which is why my roots look so light. Then when the duck got in it sunk. This would be the length of my hair stayed so dark. So I look somewhat like a skunk just not as drastic. I'll admit it. Doing it from a box with my dark hair wasn't the most genius thing I've ever done. So what am I going to do about it? Get another box and try try again. Eventually it is bound to look right. 
R I G H T ? ? ?

A Dee moment. Reminds me that I'm just human.

So this is a Dee makeover and I'm hoping at some point I will resemble a Hot Momma. This is my goal. What mom doesn't what to be the hot momma?

You may think I'm being vain. But look at it this way. I'm a mom of three that has let herself go. This is what a mother does.

She leaves getting new fashions of the season until she knows the kids have the right clothes for the upcoming season. She doesn't go to a salon appointment because she is too busy taking kids to doctors appointments. She skips makeup formulated to give her glow so that she can afford formula for her growing three month old. A mom keeps the same pair of glasses for five years because she is too busy watching out for her children safety to realize how long she's worn those glasses. Let alone get contacts for appearances sake.

I don't consider myself vain. It's just at this moment the kids have what they need. And since it's after Christmas they have more than they even want. The kids are growing up and mom can't just sit around waiting for the kids to need me. They still do but they aren't babies any more. Mom is going to have to figure out who she wants to be while the kids are at school.

 This is time for mom to catch up, reboot, and become something more than just mom. Become the woman I want to be. What that is I'm not positive of yet. I have to start somewhere and that would be feeling better, living better and being a happier person. All of this will improve more than just me. It will help all of us.

Monday, February 7, 2011

They Grow Up Fast Enough

Busy few months. The agenda-
Kid's take things to school for Valentine's Day
Grandmother's Birthday
Grandparent's anniversary
My Mom's Birthday
Daughter's Birthday
Our anniversary

The only one out of these that I'm going to the only one involved in planning is my daughters birthday. She will be turning six. I told her we would plan something for her but I wasn't sure what it would be yet. She is easy to please it just has to be something different than the every day and has to have her favorite people there. My girl has her priorities in line. I love that about her. But does that narrows it down, Not a Bit! So here I am brain storming and coming up with a lot of things but real haven't an idea what we can afford yet.

Now  a party for a little girl. You have to have cake, Ice Cream, Presents, Kids, possibly an activity or a great place to play.  So far my kids have done the bowling, skating, Chucky Cheese,  kid party, pizza hut, park and a few other types. So what is left? What is new? What to do? It's going to be a long month and a half if I can't figure something out soon. That's it I'll just have to surf the Google for ideas. I find myself getting worked up over their birthdays more than they do. I don't want them to be disappointed.

Sometimes I wonder if it is us parents fault that some kids expect so much. The kid that really hasn't the same kinds as hopes as the parent. I fall into this category when it comes to my daughter. What I want for her isn't usually what she wants for herself. It's an uphill battle to keep myself reeled in.

 I'm not really thinking tea party but you get the picture.

 What about other parents? Do they have this problem? I saw lots of shows making a big deal about a book that has something Cinderella in the title. It's about hyping girls to grow up too soon and that it's the industries fault or something. Advertising Brats and things promoting sexy dolls and things. Then I got on Facebook like I always do.

What do I see? A little girl with make up on and the mom telling that she took her daughter to the salon. She let her daughter get highlights and get her nails done. Or something to that effect. Yes, because a seven year old needs to worry about what the other kids on the play ground are saying about her hair or nails.

 I knew that this woman was very much into her appearance but this girl is maybe seven. Then she says that her daughter is going to be in a pageant and she is posting these pictures on Facebook to see what people thing about the amount of makeup she put on her daughter. Now I haven't a problem with the makeup it was mostly light except for around the eyes she got a little too much in my opinion. But it was that she had her daughter posing very provocative. I was shocked. First of all her daughter is beautiful without all that stuff. Second she chose to have her daughter pose that way. Third that she posted the pictures on Facebook. Fourth that I even had this person on my Facebook account. Ok on the fourth she's married into the family but I felt sick.

It's normal for children to want to do what they see their parents do but sometimes the parent need to just say no. I don't like pageants. If they were on child like things without the big hair, makeup and other more grown up thing it would be ok with me. But they aren't. I thing that if you are going to do the makeup and making hair big it shouldn't be something to strut your child around in front of people it would be something just between you and your daughter. Something you do for fun, as practice for when they are older. So that they know how to do it without looking well… you know. That they understand it's something that is only ok outside of the house when mom deems that they are old enough or mature enough.

It's about trust. You have to trust that your daughter won't be one to strut like a peacock at an early age and get into a lot of trouble. You won't know this before the teens. You can't know where their teens will lead them. So you have to give them confidence in who they are the way they are now. The more they are confident in what is right and wrong, good and bad and who they are. How much they are loved. That they have someone at home that they can go to no matter what. That there will be consequences for their actions but there will also be someone to back them up in the case that they are wrongly accused. That is what I received from my mom and dad. I'm going to try my best that to give my children.

Wow I went in a way different direction with this blog than I usually do. I just feel passionate about letting kids be kids and couldn't just leave the subject alone. I type what is on my mind. It won't always be funny and not everyone will agree with me. I know this. So I'm not going to apologize. I'm not going to go back to edit it for my audience. This is just my opinion nothing more.

Friday, February 4, 2011

After the Blizzard Fun

Day two of snow day. I had my day care kids and decided to call Bell to see if she would like to come over and play. She brought extra snow pants, glove and hats. She only had two kids to add to our group. So we bundled all eight kids and trooped out into the snow. Sorry we forgot to take pictures of all the kids in the snow but here are some pictures of what they had to play in.

Evidence of eight kids playing in my yard

Our sledding hills- all the snow from my driveway

 The path from my door when it was freshly scooped. It still looks like a tunnel today.

It's hard not to like winter when you have so much snow to play in. I'm thinking that Bells tunnel sounds like fun. We will have to try that out next time we go out.

Thursday, February 3, 2011

Snow Day

Yes, we were one of the many many places hit with a snowstorm, which I was informed included lightening and thunder. Thanks to our new windows in the house, I didn't feel the wind while sitting on the couch, and the windows didn't rattle every time a big gust of wind hit. I went to bed knowing there would be no school yesterday. All of our kids were home and I was excited.
This is how it looked in the morning. That is a queen size mattress leaning against the dog kennel because that's all the further we could get it. I'm happy we left it there, more protection for our Dog. That large drift is about 5 feet high.
So yesterday we started the day out like every other day with breakfast then we broke out the play-do for a while. We then went upstairs so the kids could play and I could work on stenciling my s-daughters room. The bickering began so they were all told it was time to clean up. By the time they actually accomplished something it was lunch time. I made lunch, baby went down for a nap and the other 3 laid down to watch a movie. The 3 year old of course fell asleep, the 6 year old was pretty in to the movie and Miss 9 year old was looking pretty tired but stayed awake.
They knew if they behaved and the wind died down it would mean play time out side. The movie ended, the baby woke up so we started with the layers... for everyone! Long john style pajama pants under jeans for all 4 of the kids and I, Long sleeve shirt, covered by a sweatshirt, 2 pair of socks then snow pants. After all that everyone is told to go potty. I will NOT be stopping after 5 minutes for them to take turns going! The joy of snow pants and having to help 3 little boys get them on. After snow pants come the boots, they can pretty much get them on themselves, so while they did that I gathered their mittens and hats. On with the coats, mittens and hats. Well the kids are all ready.... what about me? I jumped into my hubby's insulated slicky pants, my snow boots, carhart coat, hubby's hunting head cover thingy and my new gloves and we head out the door feeling like Oompa Loompas.
I was super excited to use the new sleds I just got, granted I only was able to get 2 circle sleds, I was still whooping for it!
My hubby had shoveled half the driveway and started a nice pile to play on, the farmers down the road brought their tractor and cleared the rest making the pile even bigger. Our deep ditches were filled and level with the road. The beautiful, pristine snow had no idea what was coming! We all head toward the large pile I made a couple sledding paths for the kids. The boys weren't interested in sledding, except the 3 year old would slide down on his butt. Baby wasn't so sure since he could barely walk with his snow suit on. Our big girl was digging and getting frustrated that the tunnel in the large drift was harder then she thought. After a while the 2 little boys cheeks were rosey so the hubby took them to the garage to play and get warm. The big kids and I let the dog out to run and play on the drift covered back yard. My inner child was found chasing the kids and rolling around with the dog.
After a little drama from our girl we all take a break in the garage. Get warmed up, dried off and dirty.
We decided to head back out for a short time. The baby decided he loved sledding and informed me "ahden, ahden" and "Doh" for again and go. I was so excited that all the kids were having fun. My hubby then took the little boys inside the house. Leaving me and the big kids digging their tunnel and getting our girl stuck a couple times. I'm looking forward to finishing their tunnel and sledding more.
I'm not a huge fan of all the stuff we have to wear to play outside but I must say I love the snow and I love our snow days! Today we have another snow day, we will see what this brings!

Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Birds, Light Bulbs and Using Your Head

As always when I'm worried, I keep myself busy. While waiting for everyone to get home and the blizzard to roll in. I started a craft. I decided that I needed a chandelier in the living room and since my daughter wasn't using hers anymore I'd redecorate it for the living room. I already knew when I got started that it would be difficult to do something that fit my taste. I'm so picky. I figured if I went leafy and naturish it would work.

I just happened to get a large amount of false flowers and green stuff from a going out of business sale. Very sad but very exciting for me I only wish I could have bough everything.

Here I was looking at this thing and looking at my pile of goods. You have to start somewhere so I put on the base before I put on the goods thinking that would be the best thing. Nope it just made it a pain in the butt to get the stuff on. I'm blowing a raspberry you just can't see me doing it.

So I suffer through it. Half the time using thread so that I could get it on just right and so you wouldn't be able to see my handy work.  I wanted it light and airy to hide the bulb but not block the light. That was before I realized that I had the wrong size bulb for it. The right size will actually look quite nice but as you can see for my first attempt at flowery chandeliers it looks nice. I think it does anyway.

 I'm not big on birds but after I got started I couldn't get past how it looked like a huge nest. I just happened to buy a bunch of birds at that sale. So I popped five of them on there to represent the five of us and Ta Da!

My husband took one look at the thing and said fire hazard. My bottom lip is sticking out. Party pooper. I figure I did a really good job of keeping anything from touching the bulb. I'm going to just be careful until it shows it's trust worthy. Isn't that what you have to do with most things anyway? Everything is a risk it's just a matter of being cautious and using your head.

Chandelier for the Birds

To make this chandelier you will need a cheap plastic chandelier minus the beads.

Be very careful not to put anything that can melt on your lamp and don't let any of the things you put on it touch the bulb. Like all lamps they have the potential to be a fire hazard. Proceed with caution.

You will need some false flowers, birds and something that will blend well to tie everything together. Then all you really have to do is put it together how ever you like but keep in mind it is best to keep it all balanced in weight as you go. 


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