Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Birds, Light Bulbs and Using Your Head

As always when I'm worried, I keep myself busy. While waiting for everyone to get home and the blizzard to roll in. I started a craft. I decided that I needed a chandelier in the living room and since my daughter wasn't using hers anymore I'd redecorate it for the living room. I already knew when I got started that it would be difficult to do something that fit my taste. I'm so picky. I figured if I went leafy and naturish it would work.

I just happened to get a large amount of false flowers and green stuff from a going out of business sale. Very sad but very exciting for me I only wish I could have bough everything.

Here I was looking at this thing and looking at my pile of goods. You have to start somewhere so I put on the base before I put on the goods thinking that would be the best thing. Nope it just made it a pain in the butt to get the stuff on. I'm blowing a raspberry you just can't see me doing it.

So I suffer through it. Half the time using thread so that I could get it on just right and so you wouldn't be able to see my handy work.  I wanted it light and airy to hide the bulb but not block the light. That was before I realized that I had the wrong size bulb for it. The right size will actually look quite nice but as you can see for my first attempt at flowery chandeliers it looks nice. I think it does anyway.

 I'm not big on birds but after I got started I couldn't get past how it looked like a huge nest. I just happened to buy a bunch of birds at that sale. So I popped five of them on there to represent the five of us and Ta Da!

My husband took one look at the thing and said fire hazard. My bottom lip is sticking out. Party pooper. I figure I did a really good job of keeping anything from touching the bulb. I'm going to just be careful until it shows it's trust worthy. Isn't that what you have to do with most things anyway? Everything is a risk it's just a matter of being cautious and using your head.
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