Thursday, February 17, 2011

A Mom Becomes More

I'm ready for a change.

I'm going through some kind of late twenties crisis. It doesn't mean leaving my husband. It just means things are changing. 

First was the start of the diet. I fumbled that one. But the exercises that I do when no one is around has me fitting in my tight jeans and my comfy ones drooping a little. It's nice to see some results.

Slightly thinner me

Second was getting on anti depressants. I feel so much better. I actually want to get up and do things and see people. I might even be better company!

Is that a Smile?

Third would be all the redecorating, reorganizing, redoing and idea gathering. Such as moving all my crafty things into the house. Moving the toys to the kids rooms. Getting ideas for different things to do around the house. Just being myself in fast forward. The way I love it.

Fourth is that I ditched the glasses and have contacts now. I'm still getting use to them but I see better with them than my glasses. Always a good thing. I'm also learning new things. Such as it is possible for them to fall out without your knowledge. You have to blink more which is probably good thing for your eyes. If you get contacts everyone can see how puffy your eyes are in the morning or blue circles under your eyes. EEKKK!


That brings me to my Fifth. Makeup. Yes, this laid back girl is going to have to get her hands on some makeup at least under eye makeup or foundation. And you know where that leads. A hold cupboard full of beauty products. Yes, I've already been down this road. I'm just hoping I'll be wiser this time.

Almost Perfect right?

Sixth and newest is that I dyed my hair today. I went for blond. Let's just say my hair took it like a duck to blue Jello. It thought it over which is why my roots look so light. Then when the duck got in it sunk. This would be the length of my hair stayed so dark. So I look somewhat like a skunk just not as drastic. I'll admit it. Doing it from a box with my dark hair wasn't the most genius thing I've ever done. So what am I going to do about it? Get another box and try try again. Eventually it is bound to look right. 
R I G H T ? ? ?

A Dee moment. Reminds me that I'm just human.

So this is a Dee makeover and I'm hoping at some point I will resemble a Hot Momma. This is my goal. What mom doesn't what to be the hot momma?

You may think I'm being vain. But look at it this way. I'm a mom of three that has let herself go. This is what a mother does.

She leaves getting new fashions of the season until she knows the kids have the right clothes for the upcoming season. She doesn't go to a salon appointment because she is too busy taking kids to doctors appointments. She skips makeup formulated to give her glow so that she can afford formula for her growing three month old. A mom keeps the same pair of glasses for five years because she is too busy watching out for her children safety to realize how long she's worn those glasses. Let alone get contacts for appearances sake.

I don't consider myself vain. It's just at this moment the kids have what they need. And since it's after Christmas they have more than they even want. The kids are growing up and mom can't just sit around waiting for the kids to need me. They still do but they aren't babies any more. Mom is going to have to figure out who she wants to be while the kids are at school.

 This is time for mom to catch up, reboot, and become something more than just mom. Become the woman I want to be. What that is I'm not positive of yet. I have to start somewhere and that would be feeling better, living better and being a happier person. All of this will improve more than just me. It will help all of us.
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