Thursday, February 3, 2011

Snow Day

Yes, we were one of the many many places hit with a snowstorm, which I was informed included lightening and thunder. Thanks to our new windows in the house, I didn't feel the wind while sitting on the couch, and the windows didn't rattle every time a big gust of wind hit. I went to bed knowing there would be no school yesterday. All of our kids were home and I was excited.
This is how it looked in the morning. That is a queen size mattress leaning against the dog kennel because that's all the further we could get it. I'm happy we left it there, more protection for our Dog. That large drift is about 5 feet high.
So yesterday we started the day out like every other day with breakfast then we broke out the play-do for a while. We then went upstairs so the kids could play and I could work on stenciling my s-daughters room. The bickering began so they were all told it was time to clean up. By the time they actually accomplished something it was lunch time. I made lunch, baby went down for a nap and the other 3 laid down to watch a movie. The 3 year old of course fell asleep, the 6 year old was pretty in to the movie and Miss 9 year old was looking pretty tired but stayed awake.
They knew if they behaved and the wind died down it would mean play time out side. The movie ended, the baby woke up so we started with the layers... for everyone! Long john style pajama pants under jeans for all 4 of the kids and I, Long sleeve shirt, covered by a sweatshirt, 2 pair of socks then snow pants. After all that everyone is told to go potty. I will NOT be stopping after 5 minutes for them to take turns going! The joy of snow pants and having to help 3 little boys get them on. After snow pants come the boots, they can pretty much get them on themselves, so while they did that I gathered their mittens and hats. On with the coats, mittens and hats. Well the kids are all ready.... what about me? I jumped into my hubby's insulated slicky pants, my snow boots, carhart coat, hubby's hunting head cover thingy and my new gloves and we head out the door feeling like Oompa Loompas.
I was super excited to use the new sleds I just got, granted I only was able to get 2 circle sleds, I was still whooping for it!
My hubby had shoveled half the driveway and started a nice pile to play on, the farmers down the road brought their tractor and cleared the rest making the pile even bigger. Our deep ditches were filled and level with the road. The beautiful, pristine snow had no idea what was coming! We all head toward the large pile I made a couple sledding paths for the kids. The boys weren't interested in sledding, except the 3 year old would slide down on his butt. Baby wasn't so sure since he could barely walk with his snow suit on. Our big girl was digging and getting frustrated that the tunnel in the large drift was harder then she thought. After a while the 2 little boys cheeks were rosey so the hubby took them to the garage to play and get warm. The big kids and I let the dog out to run and play on the drift covered back yard. My inner child was found chasing the kids and rolling around with the dog.
After a little drama from our girl we all take a break in the garage. Get warmed up, dried off and dirty.
We decided to head back out for a short time. The baby decided he loved sledding and informed me "ahden, ahden" and "Doh" for again and go. I was so excited that all the kids were having fun. My hubby then took the little boys inside the house. Leaving me and the big kids digging their tunnel and getting our girl stuck a couple times. I'm looking forward to finishing their tunnel and sledding more.
I'm not a huge fan of all the stuff we have to wear to play outside but I must say I love the snow and I love our snow days! Today we have another snow day, we will see what this brings!
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