Sunday, May 29, 2011

It's all Green Skys From Here

Today started out like any other work morning. I didn't want to wake up. Woke up anyway got dressed then looked in the mirror. Greasy hair. Wash hair. Half way help with the kids morning routine when I had to rush out the door for work. Leaving my poor husband in the lurch. Got into the car, started it up and went to back up when I realized I still had the kids car seats. Stop. Get out switch the seats to my husbands car. Finally leave home. Phew!!

The weather was nice except for the bit of fog I encountered on the way. Got to work, dragged the papers inside, and started on my normal routine. Next thing I know it's time to open the doors and let in the trickle of the before church crowd and the regulars. The fog started to thicken and the wind picked up. No bother it's a Sunday and I'm not going to be disappointed by this.

Went on helping costumers and before I know it it's more like night outside than day. What the hey?

I'm told that weather watchers were sent out. How they are going to see through this I haven't a clue. It soon starts raining and it's coming down with such gusto that no one was willing to brave it. So for forty five minutes those that were in the store were stuck in the store and those out there where ever had no interest in getting fuel so it must have been pretty bad. Us Iowans don't let a little rain to stop us. I was told that the sky was looking green before this came so I was praying hard that it wasn't a tornado.

On the other hand my coworker was nearly jumping with happiness. She loves a good storm. She is also not from Iowa and so really doesn't understand what straight line winds and hail can do. Yes, it was predicted that these were what this storm would hold.

It ended up being true but we missed the hail and the wind wasn't as strong as what they'd been saying. But still my coworker walks out in it to smoke a cigarette. I just have to chalk it up to the fact she is young and anxious for excitement. I can't blame her I remembered being that way too. Then I had kids.