Friday, May 27, 2011

Back In The Nest

I have a computer again! Halaluya! The kids are home for the summer. Look out!
Alot has happened since I was last able to post. Ok that's a lie. The only things that have changed is that the kids grew a little and I work a little more now. How does this small town mom do for excitement?  Repainting the trim on the house, the fence and planting some more flowers. Someday my home will feel like an oasis. Just gotta do a little at a time to get it there. It's nice to have family that just give me left over outdoor paint for the job.

We are also watching a family of birds that picked an old swing sitting outside our door to start their family. The kids are amazed by them and we have kept up taking pictures of them from time to time over the past few weeks. Today however one flew the nest so our time with that little family is drawing to an end.

Robins have the prettiest eggs.

I had a scare a few days after I took this picture. I was getting ready to go to work and as I got to the car I found a broken egg. I was so sure that it was one of these. Talk about dreading telling the kids. It turned out not to be one of ours. As if we own the little beauties lol.

They also have some ugly chicks!!

So here are our hatched chicks. I didn't know they'd hatched soon enough to get a just hatched picture but they look really young here. A few days after this picture we had a very bad storm with hail and strong winds. I wasn't sure that this nest would still be there after that but low and behold there it was all three doing well. Nature is a wonder.
Almost can't tell what they are with all that fuzz.
Almost not enough room for all three of them.
I was there to see this one leave the nest.
This one flew right out of the nest and hit the garage allowing me time to grab the camera an take a great picture of it before it hoped away into the great unknown. Strangely enough I sent a prayer with it that it wouldn't encounter any cats. We all got attached to watching the nest. Now I understand the fascination with watching the eagles on Decorah Eagles Cam .
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