Friday, June 10, 2011

Pay Attention to the Bank

This week has been rough. 
  • First we are getting behind on bills. 
  • Second trying to get ready for family pictures ( 5 years past time). 
  • Third it's summer and the kids think that means mom's job is to entertain them Haha. 
  • Fourth is that I'm trying to get my finances in order (no need to explain why this can be rough).


On the bills thing it was bound to happen. I swear that it's on our marriage contract or something. 

Certificate of Marriage

Let it be hereby known to one and all that

The guy in glasses

Were untied in holy matrimony
 In continuation they shall hereby fight bills from June until tax time until death do they part.

What is that in the small print? Ah crap!  

Besides that, I got everyones hair done for a small fortune in hopes of great picture. So times I wonder why I even try. I'm not even going to go there. Here's hoping I'm just picky and that the pictures will turn out great.

As for the kids maybe next week will be better. I think I have at least one of them signed up for some kind of camp during that week. That should help right? Crossing fingers.

Now to the big one. For the last oh I don't know 5 months or so I have been doing very little to keep track of my bank accounts. Meaning that I only checked on it to see if I had enough money to get gas in the car or something equally normal. But keeping track of it from day to day, check to check or anything I didn't have any intrest. I'm not even going to make up excuses. I was dumb.

So I decided one day to organize my computer desk dust off my bank folder and put away my statements that were piling up. Taking a glance through before putting them away I notice a few things out of place. The more I looked the more I started to chew my nails. I wanted to roll around on the floor shouting and kicking and screaming like my kids do. Being an adult "This is my fault" reason dug in despite my anger. So being an adult I called my bank to get things straighted out. The lady on the phone seemed to be listening carefully and said that they would get it all straighted out. A few days later they send me a confusing array of papers that I finally figured out had all but one problem fixed. The problem I was most concerned about of course. 

Having already spent my morning trying to keep my head on while dealing with my kids I wasn't looking forward to dealing with this. But deal I would. So I sat at my desk highlighting all the things I had questions about (good to double check things). Then packed up my bad children into the car to go to the bank. Horra! I mean HORROR! 

When I arrived they didn't show me to an private area they just had me stand there in the open with my kids acting up while I tried to explain and get explained to, how it should be fixed. I could have used a seat and some straps for my children. But no! 

The lady finally sees the mistake and says she will look into it and I ask her about one of the service fees. This is where I am in shock and disgust. She encourages me to read some fine print flier that I swear is in code so that I will understand the fee. Yah right! I wanted to kick myself for all of this. 

I'm telling all the banks.  GIVE ME THE TERMS VERBALLY! IN ENGLISH NOT LAWYER SPEAK. All these papers are just too much work and always makes me just want put my money in a hole in the back yard. No offense to any lawyers. It's just that... well, it's over my head.

Anyhow, I got home and started calling around. There was no way that I was going to pay these stupid charges if I didn't have to. Low and behold none of the banks I called had anything like what I was finding at my bank. Look who is going to find a different bank.

The grim fact is that I'd just ordered a bunch of checks. I wonder if I can return them... "I would like to return these unopened checks. I will no longer need these as I wont be banking here any longer." How do you think that will go over?

So the moral of this story is don't be dumb with your money like I was. Keep track of what your bank is doing don't expect them to get things the way you want them or to even understand their own processes. The people working there are human and the bank wants to take your money, not just hold on to it.
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