Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Recycled Word searches for your preschooler

This summer my older kids came home with work books to work on. I think this is great. So that the kids don't back slide too much before school starts up again. Unfortanately the preschool didn't send anything home for my preschooler to work on until kindergarden starts up. He was feeling so left out that I made some "homework" for him.

For those that have puzzle books laying around this project is for you.

Working with letter or number recognition
-Cut out your printed Fill-In A Word you've already finished, or printed Cross word boxes, Word Finds, Sudoko
-Remember that this is for a child so if it's a large box cut it down to a proper proportion.
-Pick the letter/number that you want them to work on and on a separate piece of paper draw it in a big colorful marker
-Make sure that there are plenty of that letter/number in the puzzle and tape that puzzle under the letter/number.
-Give your child that color and let them color in that letter/number or circle them

As you can see he is enjoying it and even decided to do A's on the B puzzle and did B's on the A puzzle by the time he was done. It took awhile but I made one for each letter of the alphabet to put in his summer folder for him to work on. Note- make sure that before they start doing the puzzles that they say the letter that they  are finding and sometimes it helps them if you help them find the first one.
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