Friday, June 10, 2011

Strike it Rich with Pocket Change- Review

I just finished reading Strike it Rich with Pocket Change by Ken Potter and Brian Allen. The title is a bit misleading. It makes you get dollar signs in your eyes and think this is your easy get rich scheme. It's not just that easy. Though if you purchase this book it is a little easier than doing it on your own. The book explains the different mistakes that happen in the making of coins. You need to be informed before you start. This book however then goes into the coins with a leap. Surprised me how fast it switched gears. The authors went on to tell exactly what dates to look out for, what mistake (double dies, clashes, thickness...) to look for and shows examples to each.  The pictures are as clear and helpful as anyone could hope for. Don't forget sale value. For most coins mentions he shows an estimated value and examples of what it has been sold for in different markets. Along with these he also provide sites to find coin dealers, sites to sell coins and a list of other books that would be helpful. It really is a thoroughly constructed book. I would suggest this for anyone interest in collecting or selling mistake ridden coins.
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