Monday, September 5, 2011

Changes and Adventures

We have been neglectful of this site. So here are the updates that I can think of. In no particular order.  Sadness first Bell lost the baby and our grandfather died. As with all things sad we hung on and used humor to break tension. It is our way. Bell hung on and keeps the baby in her heart. There was humor in many aspects of Grandpas funeral that helped us get through. Despite unappreciative glances.
Another change is that I'm getting a divorce. I wont go into the details but it is proving to be worth while for those involved.
We have a dog now her name is Ella and she is giving me a heck of a time. I have my kids the same weekends as my sister has hers. So when we have them we can plan big family things or when we don't have them we can plan on having an adventure.
It's time to get out of this cocoon. My new thing is to get out and do things. I have a new job that pushes me to my limit. I have three kids that push me to do my best. I also have free time I never had before that allows me to be an adult or at least an adult that can chose to act like a kid. Yes, I have to do all the work but I also can now accept all the rewards. I'm going to find out what being me means.

So far the adventures I've gone on have been
  • Horse Riding through the wilderness- wonderful
  • Wine tasting- not my thing but loved the company
  • Figure 8 races with three kids- loud and crazy -kids loved it
  • My new job working in a Salvage yard - trust me every day is an adventure there
  • Learned how to drive a skid steer - makes you feel just like a kid
I'm excited for more adventures. I'll be on the look out for others that I can afford and be posting them to give you ideas as well.


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