Saturday, February 4, 2012

Wow of a Lesson

All I can say is wow. Since my last post I've done a lot of things that I'd never expected. I've remembered what I am and what I'm capable of. I've meet new people and done things that aren't in the good christian category. That is all I'm admitting to. A girl needs her secrets.

New Lessons Learned

  • Found out that if a guy feels it for you he will go far.
  • All guys think girls have it easy.
  • Guys will do anything to knock another guy down in your esteem.
  • There will always be that pervert you wish you'd never met.
  • There are good guys left.
  • Some guys will never get you.
  • Never schedule two dates in the same day.
  • If something looks fishy it usually is. Get out before it starts to stink.

  • The one will stick it out even when you are at your worst.
  • With enough reinforcement a broken person will realize that there are people worth trusting.
  • Things happen for a reason.Cry it out and move on.
  • Don't ever stay around the people that make you feel like a complication or doesn't answer your calls or texts in a timely fashion. 
  • Keep the things that are worth while foremost on your mind no matter what is going on in your life.

I went through a rough patch that I was always looking for something. Always running this way and that. Always thinking that I will find that thing that will fill me. Fill my loneliness. Fill my spare time. Fill my needs. But I never found anything that would fill these for more than a moment. I don't know what has made me decide to stop. Maybe it's the bull dozer of a guy that I'm seeing. He demands us to go slow and he doesn't want me to be seeing anyone else. You know he has it right and I'm going to try it that way. Already it has made me feel happier. Calmer and let me be ok in my own skin.So I go along with my self improvements. I work out. Eat healthy.. not. haha can't change everything overnight.  I take my antidepressants. And I'm getting things around to go back to school. Have to be a happier me before I can do much of anything else. I always say this and yet I'm constantly running around in search. Maybe one of these days I'll get it and stick to just being ok with out all the extras.


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