Tuesday, December 31, 2013

The Office Part 1- Wiring

As I've mentioned before that we have been working on getting our small office fixed.

This is what we started with. You may think, what is the problem with it other than the door being blocked by a desk.

The wind coming through the walls is one thing then you look closer.

You see it now? The carpet on the counter. Talk about old school. What you don't see is that that carpeted piece is inserted directly into the wall under the window. Supporting the window.

So it's time to gut the room. Are you ready? We weren't.

 The wall on the right is so old that it's original and we found square nails. We are keeping a couple as trinkets of this adventure.

We added outlets and more lighting. This was very time consuming because of all the old wiring.We need to find out where it was going and see if they are live wires. This was becoming a big pain. My husband was having to find this out in a round about way. That had to do with going down to the basement and calling me on the cell phone. Keep in mind that I am still barely able to walk. So when I meant pain I'm serious.

We did happen to go to the store and found this helpful little devise. It is a Sniff-It AC Detector. As you can see by the dirt it's been dragged everywhere in this old house. Well worth the money.
So with all the wiring sorted out. We finally know where the wires are going and which breaker they are connected to. I'm blessed to have a husband that is thorough and doesn't take short cuts. Specially on anything that could cost us our safety. 

I really suggest that if you have a house that you learn as much as you can about every part of it. If you doubt this wisdom watch shows like Holms Inspections or Love It or List It. Almost any episode of these shows with give you a hint of what could be happening right under your roof. Some can have some very scary conclusions if they aren't fixed. This is not what I want to happen in mine so on we go with this renovation so we can get to the next.

Monday, December 30, 2013

Indoor Snow and Science

Another pin on Pintrest that I just couldn't wait to try with the kids.This one came from Growing a Jeweled Rose. It's a sensory activity as well a as a science one.

Caution- If you do find a project online that has you mixing ingredients that you have never mixed together before take these steps. Research it. Test it in a safe well ventilated location. Be cautious. Be sure it's safe before introducing it to children.

These are my instructions below. As always I switched it up from the original a little bit.

  • Baking Soda- a box
  • Shaving Cream- I used the kind for sensitive skin just to be on the safe side.
  • Vinegar
  • Spray bottle- optional
  • Waxed paper or plastic table cloth - this is for parents that like easy to clean projects.

Slowly mix the baking soda and the shaving cream together. Until it starts having some of the same stick factors of good snowman building snow. In other words if you can form a ball with it.

Then let the kids play away. I asked the kids to make something fun on some waxed paper. They could do anything. The kids came up with a snowman, volcano, faces and a reindeer.

I put the vinegar in a spray bottle. I did this to make it less messy on our flat surface. 

When done playing and making fun things with the "Snow" take your vinegar and spray it onto your project.

Watch the fun.

The Volcano Erupting

The kids loved watching their projects foam up and took turns spraying more vinegar onto them. It was a big hit with all of them ages 4 to 11.

Clean up was simple. Since I used waxed paper I could fold up most of the mess and throw it away.  

Sunday, December 29, 2013

Snow Globe DIY

First Snow Globe.
As you can see I tried my hand at making snow globes. The globe to the right is my first attempt. It's not bad but I knew I could do better. Here are the problems with my first attempt. I was doing guess work is my worst offense.-I bought quart sized jars that are too big for my miniatures
-I glued the miniature directly to the lid.
I originally found the instructions for snow globes from The Sweetest Occation site which I found on Pinterest. Though it only has the basic instructions and I elaborate a little more in mine. Follow the instructions that suit your needs.

Since I bought a twelve pack of the quart sized canning jars I'm making do for my next twelve attempts. On top of that I'm making the rest of the jars into craft gifts for my kids and niece and nephews. Meaning they get to pick out which figurines and glitter they want use.

Below are the ones that I put together for them. Needless to say I had some fun with these. Putting the skiers on hills and giving some of them a snow covered tree.(Read side notes at bottom of page.)  I painted the wood block tops white. On one tree I spread epoxy around it in strips then rolled it in glitter to give it the decorated look. They are made for fun so anything goes. Try your hand and see if you don't get into the spirit of what you are working on.

You Will Need
  • Canning Jar
  • Figurines
  • Distilled Water
  • Glycerine
  • Wood Block
  • Glitter
  • Dremel Tool
  • Epoxy
  • Sand all the lids to help the glue stick.
  • I used wood blocks 3/4in tall to prop the figures above the lid of the jars.
  • Epoxy the wood to the lid
  • Epoxy figures to the wood 
Now I went a little over the edge of my wood blocks and so my jars wouldn't go over the figures. My husband told me that my dremel should be able to shave off unwanted access along the bottoms of the figures. 
 As you can see it's a messy process and I do suggest the safety glasses, mask and long sleeves when doing this part of the process. The mess can't be good for your lungs and the pieces flying off can sting a bit if it hits you. 

  • Using your dremel square off unwanted edges.
  • Retest with jar to make sure that everything fits and lines up as it should so you can properly close the lid.
  • Touch up with paint if desired.

  •  Next pour in the distilled water don't fill to the very top.
  •  add two drops of glycerin for large jars or one for the smaller
  • Add your glitter in desired amount.
  • Put your lid on
  • Option of putting epoxy on the lid to keep it on.
  • Shake and Enjoy 

Best Snow Globe Result after a few bumps.

Side notes...

Beware of the trees. They can fall off pedestals, any fake snow on them may come off and float to the top. There is a chance that they can discolor the water...

Sparkles may stick to the figures. I suggest wet them down before they come in contact with the sparkles as a precaution.

They are worth any bumps you come to. Even trees floating to the top of the jar is amusing when you have sparkles floating around with it. Love this Craft!

Friday, December 20, 2013

Phil Robertson in the News

I've watched Duck Dynasty. I'm not one that watched every episode or anything. Just clicked it on once in a while. It is good comfort TV. Doesn't take much thinking, it's funny and it does have some good morals. It kind of reminds me of the shows that I grew up with. I can understand why it's been so popular. But right now it's on the verge of being changed or canceled.  Everyone is in an uproar.

Here is why. It's all over the news that Phil Robertson from the reality TV show Duck Dynasty said this or that and insulted this group and that group. As always we believe what these shows or articles are saying. We don't research into it. And as always the only way you are going to get the hole truth is to go directly to the source.

I think of this hole ordeal as I would if one of my kids came down to tattle on another. I'm only getting part of the story. The part I am getting is what child one wants me to hear. Am I going to punish child two?

No. I need to hear the rest of the story. First I ask questions.

Sometimes it's really hard not to just jump the gun when you hear what child one said. I have to say to myself I wasn't there, I don't know what happened.

Media is exactly like child one. It's going to tell the dramatic story to get your attention. It's not going to tell you exactly what was said if it isn't going to get your attention going in the direction it wants.

I like to be up to date on what is going on. I have chosen however to pick and choose what that is because of the constant lies I encounter from the Media. Ok they aren't always lies but twists of the truth. They are in so much of a hurry to report before anyone else that they don't look into everything that they should. So then I look like an idiot if I ever quote what they said. Very irritating.

Your asking me why I'm taking this story of Phil Robertson so seriously. I find this instance very personally because it involves the word of God. And I know this because I read what the original interviewer wrote.

GQ- this is the actual interview and on the page where the homosexual quote comes into play. This is the only part of the interview I'm going to comment about because it's the one that has caused the most trouble.

I however wasn't there, I don't know what happened. I don't know how things were said. I just know what the interviewer wrote that Phil said. I also only know how I am perceiving it.

My perception is.  That Phil Robertson was grouping all sin together. He just happened to start with homosexuality. He was sure to share what the bible said about the sins. Those that do these sins will not inherit the kingdom of God. However Phil will still treat all sinners with love and share the news that Jesus died on the cross for those sins. Period. Nothing more, nothing less.

I may not agree how he said what he did. Sometimes things come out of our mouths not quite how we want, I know for a fact because it happens to me all the time. Not everyone is eloquent or practiced in speech.

I do however agree with those that say he had a right to state his opinion.  Just because he is a celebrity does not exclude him from rights of speech.

As for him getting fired from the show. All I have to say is that A&E knew that he preached the bible. If they didn't want him to say anything to the press than that could have been stipulated in the contract for the show.

You had a right at any time to stop reading if you didn't like what I had to say. No offense would be taken if you did stop reading or if you don't agree. These are just my thoughts on the subject. Nothing more, Nothing less.

Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Stairs Are Not My Friend

I've inherited weak ankles. So in effect I have inherited an enemy in stairs. Last night I went upstairs to check on my boys. On the way down I got to the bottom or what I thought was the bottom stair. And everything went wrong. Somehow I ended up going down.

My foot killing me and I was in tears. I've had my share of falls but I haven't ever ended up in tears before so I knew it was bad. Since we still had boxes sitting around there was something to prop my foot on within reach while I  waited for my husband to come in to see me sitting on the floor. Lovely!

He was not impressed or surprised.

So we iced and propped my foot that hurts all the way around. Well this was starting to feel a bit better after a couple hours until I went to get up and couldn't put any weight at all on it. Deciding that I could handle it as long as it was propped up until morning I got some rest. By six though it was decision time. What was I going to do? I still couldn't put any weight on it.

We couldn't move me. I'd felt the baby move and was reassured that no harm had come to him. We called to have the paramedics come. They had to wheel me out and then lift me down the stairs into our car. Did I need two ambulances for this? No. But that is what I received. How embarrassing. I couldn't clean up for this trip or even make it to the bathroom. I had to PEE!  It gets worse. My husband had to go get his dad to watch the kids until my mom could arrive so this makes six men that came marching into my house.

Five strangers in my messy house. My father-in-law. Four kids watching everything. My husband. Can it get better?

Oh yes it can. The paramedics are looking at me like I'm crazy because they see no swelling or bruising. Ack! This is my nightmare come to life!

Here they are pushing me through the house in a wheel chair and out on the porch. They then lift me in this chair down the stairs to get me to our car. Awesome. NOT!

We take off thinking we'd go to the hospital that we go for my ob appointments. We get to the first town and I tell my husband to just go to that hospital because yes I still have to pee. Baby was starting to wake up and wiggle around. Close hospital with wheel chairs = pee stop. The only way to go. Pun intended.

I get registered at the desk. I am in good mood and showing no pain.(Because I'm not on my foot) It was painfully obvious that the nurses are wondering if there is anything at all wrong with me. Great more people doubting me.

They send us to one of the ER rooms after I use the restroom. Way awkward and painful experience by the way.

The nurse then ask all the normal questions.Then we wait while they call the doctor. So it's up to us to make me comfortable. I don't say anything and just enjoy having my husband to myself and we talk and joke around.

Finally the doctor shows up and takes a look and tells me that I may have broke bones going to my toes. This is when everyone is suddenly extremely nice and taking care of my comfort. They take action. Oh well I guess I can't blame them when I'm not showing the normal signs of injury. I'm still not swollen or bruised.

They double cover me and unborn baby with protective aprons for x-rays and took three pictures. The x-rays end up showing there are no breaks but the doctor reassured me that their may be a sprain  and possibly a crack in the bone that isn't showing on them and wont until later. He encourages me to keep doing what I'd been doing in the beginning with the ice.  And basically sends me on my way.

About half way home my husband asks me how we are going to get me back into the house. Groan.

We contemplate having him drag me in. But decided that it may not look right if someone drives by seeing him dragging me into the house. He asked if maybe we could roll across the porch into the house like a big ball. He decided that would not be very dignified. I don't think he has noticed how my day has been going. Dignity just doesn't seem to come into play.

We get up to the porch I sit on the edge and think I'm going to have to crawl into the house. Wait for it my embarrassment continues.

I sit there laughing as my husband says just scoot your butt to the door. At this point I'm not sure if he is serious or not. So I try but don't get very far that way before I'm laughing to hard to move.

My mom storms out of the house at this point in shock to see me sitting there while my husband is propping the storm door open. They help me get up and inside. I get situated onto an office chair that I can be rolled around on. Wee.

So eventually all situated, I sit in a recliner. My father-in-law let me borrow a walker he had. It is sitting there mocking me about my future if I keep having these problems. It's just wonderful having it and awful at the same time.

My mom packs up my baby girl since watching her on my own this week isn't going to happen. I'm sad but know I can't take care of her right now.

My husband leaves to get a few things at the store and I'm alone and fall asleep. An hour later my kids get off the bus storming in with a hundred questions. My oldest daughter decides to put on the brace and figure out with the walker how I am going to get around. Yes, girly, I will look just like that except for less graceful.

When my husband gets home he brings me a, happy accident, carrot cake. Wow don't I feel special. I have to say it's been the most painful day I've had in a long time as well as the funniest.

Sensitive Skin

Since the time my children were born they all had sensitive skin. They all went through some major eczema problems. Having toddlers run around with red scaly itchy splotches all over their little body's is horrifying. We'd tried everything the doctor told us to. It seemed that keeping on top of it was impossible. We had to change everything. Laundry detergent, soaps and had to watch to see if what they were eating could be the cause.

Come to find out that my oldest on top of having asthma also has atopic eczema which is a lack of normal moisturizing factor.

The kids seemed to grow out of the worst of it. We have however kept some things going that have helped not only my childrens skin but also mine. Some are just basic but you'd be surprised how often they can be over looked.

- Go with fragrance free products (cleaning agents as well as body washes)
-After bath pat dry and then apply moisturers
-Wear soft cotton
-Wear long sleeves to bed
-Keep cool
-Keep bedding clean of debris (my kids like to go from outside to their room to play so this becomes a bit more important)
-Do the cleaning without the person experiencing problems around. The dust and cleaning products can possibly dry their skin even more and cause itching to worsen. I always pick a time that they are at school or visiting someone.
-If possible do not let them play on carpet with too much exposed skin. The rough texture as well as what is in the carpet can irritate anyone's skin. Anyone with eczema would be irritated by it twice as badly.
-Keep in mind that when you stay at someones house they may use products you don't. So pack as necessary.
-Do not hang dry clothing. This type of drying makes the clothing rougher on the skin.If you hang them outside you have the extra problem of outdoor irritants on the clothing.
-If it's a child teach them what they need to do early on.
-Keep finger nails short and clean. (it itches and it's easy to break the skin)

Get advise from the experts- you may have to ask your doctor to refer you to a dermatologist for extreme cases. Here is a hand out that the University of Iowa gave us.

Monday, December 16, 2013

Hairy Money Problems

I'm always surprised at how fast hair can grow. It's just hair but all that hair can add up to a lot of money. I even did some math. Lets say it's $15 per person (low rough guess) to get a hair cut.  I have 6 (lets pretend that my 8 month old is needing hair cuts also) in my family. And we do this every 3 months as recommended. Doing the math I'm coming up with at least $360 a year just for cutting hair!  That is a meal out for all of us, and a grocery trip to cover two weeks, and gas for the next two weeks with left over cash!

We can't have it. Something must be done. So I've done it.

Girls don't have an easy fix. We can brave cutting our own. Which I wouldn't suggest. When cutting for long hair any mistake would be extremely noticeable and possibly embarrassing. We could go to a salon for a trim without the styling, which doesn't cost as much as a hair cut.This is the option that I've decided would be best for us girls. I'd been doing this for a couple years and finally grown my hair out long enough to donate. But that will be something for another post.

The boys however... well I'm going to confess that I am one of those moms that cuts the boys hair. Well actually it's more buzz it off. I get out the motorized trimmers you buy at the store and get to it. I leave hair don't worry no bald boys. I use the number two or three attachment on our trimmer. I recently bought the Wahl brand trimmers and it included a really nice instruction paper on how to trim hair the right way instead of flying by the seat of your pants the way I have for a while now.

Honestly first I wasn't so sure about doing it myself. Fortunately I had my Grandma's saying in my back pocket. "It can always grow back" and she would know. She was used as her sisters guinea pig while her sister was taking courses to become a beautician.

With Grandmas saying in my head I went for it. Turns out it wasn't so bad. I have been doing these trims for a few years now. I'm more comfortable with it and each time I try to improve the cuts to make it look more professional. I don't know if they do but I think they look a ton better than a shaggy head.

My oldest hates it and would argue the point. Saying he loves his hair shaggy. However my youngest doesn't seem to mind. I think he even likes it. It could be that he likes to see how much hair ends up on the floor or that I always make over how handsome my boys are when they have a fresh cut. Either way I'm glad to have one child on my side.

I now also cut my husbands hair. He can do it himself but seems to prefer it if I do. It's become a kind of fun bonding thing for us. I not only do his head but I also do his face. He let's his hair grow out into a a rough beard then when it's just too long I buzz it off.

I not only buzz it off. He has let me do things to his hair that no husband should. He has let me make him look like an Amish man by buzzing just his mustache. He has let me give him some super long groovy sideburns. Tonight I gave him mustache that could have gotten him on TV as a detective during the 80's and he received an awesome receding mo hawk. This may all seem funny but tame. What he did however that no husband should do is, let me take pictures of each one. Yes, I have evidence of my villainy. Good thing for him, I can't bring myself to post them for all to see. So... I'll just have to stick to sneak previews for only a select few.. insert evil laugh.

Buzzing the boys and husband has saved us at least $180 a year. It has brought a mound of free entertainment. It has given me a bunch of black mail photos. Alright not the last part but I still say YES to getting out the clippers to save some money.

Sunday, December 15, 2013

Small Office = Magic?

This is my living room at the moment. As you can tell that despite the fact that things are not unpacked I have tried to bring the Christmas spirit to the house anyway. I can't plug in the tree at the moment because I can't find my extra extension cord but I was able to plug in some of the other lights.

In the middle of it all is space for my 8 month old to scoot around on the floor. Room on the furniture for my husband and kids to relax and watch some TV. But no room for much else.

This means that no matter how many wonderful things I come across on Pinterest to do. I'm not going to be able to do them. So at the moment I'm bummed and waiting for my hubby to finish the office so that the things that are in the living room at the moment can be put away.

He is getting so close to finishing it. He has the insulation up (the right way around unlike the insulation that was installed originally) and you can feel the difference. Now he gets to work on drywall. How I wish that we could be done after that but no. We will be doing all  those annoying little extra things like using that putty stuff where he has the nails, painting and installing the fixtures. Ok they are important to. Not just annoyances. I am just anxious to have it done and so is he.

I know he is because this project has been more of a headache for him then what it should be. One big headache is that he keeps misplacing his tools (all out of reach of the little one). I feel so bad for him. In the middle of his project and can't find the tool he needs. I just don't know how to make it any better for him when every other room looks pretty much the same.

I take that back the kids rooms look pretty good in comparison. That is just the mom in me to make them comfortable first. Their rooms aren't perfect but they do have space to play and there clothes and toys all have a place. Wish I could say that about every room.

Part of our problem is that going through things is being hindered by my pregnancy. Leaning over seems out of the question. Getting up and down off the floor is exhausting. Lifting is a no no.Then I have the eight month old that seems to know the exact time that mom is motivated and has enough energy to get things done. This is when she decides she needs to come first. I'm sure that every mom under the sun can relate. If you really need to do something they suddenly need you more than anything else, for one reason or another.

So here I am at a loose. Hoping that having that one room done will magically make the situation better. It's close to Christmas when magic happens right? It could happen.

Friday, December 13, 2013

Groups for Selling

If you are like me I like to visit Craigslist.  Then you hear the reports on the news of something bad happening to people that meet through Craigslist. Causing you to think twice about the hole thing.

Police investigate the shooting death of Sgt. 1st Class James Vester, who was killed in a robbery gone bad, police say.
 Picture from New York Daily News Iraq veteran lured to death through Craigslist add for an ipad

Call me paranoid but I don't want to take any chances. But I do want the bargains that others can give for the items they have gotten little or no use out of. So what are we suppose to do?

Not to worry there is middle ground. It's pretty simple. I find Facebook closed groups in my area to apply to join. Buy, Sell or Trade Groups. Because I live in a rural area I can find groups that other people I know have joined. I understand that in many situations it may not be that simple.

In the case that you don't know where to turn for a trusted source I suggest start your own group. Invite people you know to join. See if they suggest some other friends to also add. If you can't start the group for whatever reason see if you know someone that would. It doesn't hurt to ask around. There are many people that probably would like to find a safer online environment to find or sell items or even services.

Keep in mind that it's okay to have rules in the group. They are there to keep the peace for everyone. Let people know to put large amounts of items into albums to post instead of single pictures. Not to repost their items more than once a day.  Encourage people to meet in public places so that it's a safe comfortable meeting for anyone that may be strangers.

It's not a perfect solution and the items sold may not be as varied as on Craigslist or other sites like it. Though this way things can be watched more carefully than you could through just an email. It's not fool proof but then again nothing is. It's just another option in the quest for savings.

Tips For Sellers
- Be fair. First come first serve works well.
- No bashing.
-Find the right time to post your items. 3:00pm- 8:00pm seem to be good times to post.
- Post real pictures of what you are selling. Be sure that they are clear images.
- Tell what you are selling even if there is a picture and post a price. Best offer is not a price. This is a put off for some people. Give a starting point.

Tips For Buyers
-If you have something in mind that you are looking for ask for it. You may be surprised at how fast you find it and how low the cost is.
-Don't be a no show. If you can't make it contact them as soon as possible.
-Always clean the things you buy right away. If you get appliances I suggest sticking it in a plastic garbage bag and spray some bug spray inside. Let it sit overnight. Use precautions when you bring things into your home. I would tell you the same thing if you were shopping at a consignment store.

Tips for Everyone
-Instant Message meeting information, keep it private between the buyer and the seller.
- Stay safe 

Thursday, December 12, 2013

Getting Familiar with Metal Recycling

There is more to it then just putting your Campbells soup out on the curb. That metal has value.

Those people that pick things up off the curb could be getting decent cash. What have you set out? Metal lawn chairs? Old bikes? Hide a beds? Metal tables? Aunt Betty's rusted out wheel barrel?

Here is what very few will tell you. These things you are putting out on the curb can be cashed in instead of costing you to get it hauled away. It may not be worth much of anything alone but over time you collect them and you can get something for your trouble other then a bill from your trash collector.

It pays to know the scrap dealers and recycling places in your area. Things like metal cans, copper wiring, old computers, old cell phones, old rusted bikes, car parts or even the old rusted out car that has been sitting in the back forty for who knows how long. They pay for these things. Every recycler does it differently. It pays to call. Talk to people and ask questions. Always call around. Like all businesses some will give more then others.


Wear protective gear- strong gloves because metals many times have sharp edges.

Have a magnet handy- Many times the metals that are not magnetic have the most value.

Big value booster-  tear things apart- If there are more then one metal separate them. The more clean the metal is of any other debris the better.
Sort them before taking them in- this way you know that you were not cheated and you can spot anything you aren't sure of right away.

Collect- Collect until you have enough to fill your vehicle so that you can come out ahead. No need to make little trips that don't pay for your fuel.

Become knowledgeable - It's always better to go in knowing something rather then nothing.

Go to Paul's Auto and Metals  if you have questions email them. This is a good place to go to for information they are very helpful and will answer questions to the best of there ability. If you have Facebook also visit their page because it will have much more information that you will be looking for. Look at the photos for reference while there. It is a starting point to look into before calling around to the places in your area.

Wednesday, December 11, 2013

New House New Problems

I love our new home. Lots of room for our big family. Out in the country. Lots of room for whatever it is we decide to do when the weather is nice. In the same school district. It felt like home from day one. No awkward first night. Which I have never ever experienced before. It has a little of the old and new qualities about it. There are things that do need help right now.

It's a 118 year old home with some improvement put in place here and there over the years. As well as some not so great improvements as my husband has found out.

Not So Great - Electrical- Outlets that don't work. Wires that are live that shouldn't be. Things from different floors of the house hook up to the same switch on the circuit board. Is that what it's called. Please forgive me if I don't have the right names for these things.

Not So Great- Plumbing- water lines have only one turn off for the hole house.
Not So Great- Windows -which had no seal around them or caulking . So some have had water damage and others you can feel wind through the outside of the frames. We have a room that the window was too damaged to have anyone stay in the room over the winter so minus one for now. So my two girls get to share for now. The baby isn't complaining and big sis knows that she hasn't been forgotten. We will fix her room when we can.

Not So Great- Insulation- Since we have been lucky enough to move right as winter hit we are on insulating recon. Off to the store for boxes of the plastic window covering ,caulking, spray foamdoor sealer and what ever else we could think of.

Not So Great- Basement- Huge gap they left around the doors going to the basement. Letting mice and all other kinds of awful creatures into the house. To take care of the creepy crawly critters we called All American Termite and Pest Control Service. We've always gotten the best service from them.

Not So Great- Duct Work- Yes even the ducts are a mess. They are only half metal the other half they used the existing floor above, cracks and all, to shoot the hot air through to the house. Now the basement is nice and warm and the other floors are by some miracle comfortable.

Right now electrical is a big focus for my husband as well as tearing into the make shift office that we have. Which we found that the fiberglass insulation installed was put in backwards. No wonder we had such a draft coming from that room. Oh the joys of home ownership.

For anyone else looking for cost savers for their home I suggest visiting This Old House they have the best list I have come across as of yet. Be sure to scroll the hole page they have many links to visit on the subject of home saving.

What Happened When the Blogging Stopped?

Dee here. During 2012 so much happened that I just can't name it all. It was a crazy year of finding the man of my dreams, getting married, moving, getting the kids use to a new school, getting pregnant and just being exceedingly happy.

 Now I'm back on the blogging trail but this time I'm the home maker. Our newest member of our family is an 8 month old girl that I watch as I unpack once again as we had to move a second time to make room for another. Yes that is right I'm pregnant, 7 months along. Through all this I have no regrets.

So like the ever lasting controversy on how many kids are too many well I have four with another on the way. My first three help me so much with our baby girl that I can now see how all those parents with so many kids made it work. It's the effort of the hole family not just the parents. I love seeing my kids take responsibility, do their best by their baby sister and how much she responds to each of their different personalities. She adores them just as much as they do her.  All and all we are a happy family.


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