Wednesday, December 11, 2013

What Happened When the Blogging Stopped?

Dee here. During 2012 so much happened that I just can't name it all. It was a crazy year of finding the man of my dreams, getting married, moving, getting the kids use to a new school, getting pregnant and just being exceedingly happy.

 Now I'm back on the blogging trail but this time I'm the home maker. Our newest member of our family is an 8 month old girl that I watch as I unpack once again as we had to move a second time to make room for another. Yes that is right I'm pregnant, 7 months along. Through all this I have no regrets.

So like the ever lasting controversy on how many kids are too many well I have four with another on the way. My first three help me so much with our baby girl that I can now see how all those parents with so many kids made it work. It's the effort of the hole family not just the parents. I love seeing my kids take responsibility, do their best by their baby sister and how much she responds to each of their different personalities. She adores them just as much as they do her.  All and all we are a happy family.

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