Thursday, December 12, 2013

Getting Familiar with Metal Recycling

There is more to it then just putting your Campbells soup out on the curb. That metal has value.

Those people that pick things up off the curb could be getting decent cash. What have you set out? Metal lawn chairs? Old bikes? Hide a beds? Metal tables? Aunt Betty's rusted out wheel barrel?

Here is what very few will tell you. These things you are putting out on the curb can be cashed in instead of costing you to get it hauled away. It may not be worth much of anything alone but over time you collect them and you can get something for your trouble other then a bill from your trash collector.

It pays to know the scrap dealers and recycling places in your area. Things like metal cans, copper wiring, old computers, old cell phones, old rusted bikes, car parts or even the old rusted out car that has been sitting in the back forty for who knows how long. They pay for these things. Every recycler does it differently. It pays to call. Talk to people and ask questions. Always call around. Like all businesses some will give more then others.


Wear protective gear- strong gloves because metals many times have sharp edges.

Have a magnet handy- Many times the metals that are not magnetic have the most value.

Big value booster-  tear things apart- If there are more then one metal separate them. The more clean the metal is of any other debris the better.
Sort them before taking them in- this way you know that you were not cheated and you can spot anything you aren't sure of right away.

Collect- Collect until you have enough to fill your vehicle so that you can come out ahead. No need to make little trips that don't pay for your fuel.

Become knowledgeable - It's always better to go in knowing something rather then nothing.

Go to Paul's Auto and Metals  if you have questions email them. This is a good place to go to for information they are very helpful and will answer questions to the best of there ability. If you have Facebook also visit their page because it will have much more information that you will be looking for. Look at the photos for reference while there. It is a starting point to look into before calling around to the places in your area.

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