Monday, December 16, 2013

Hairy Money Problems

I'm always surprised at how fast hair can grow. It's just hair but all that hair can add up to a lot of money. I even did some math. Lets say it's $15 per person (low rough guess) to get a hair cut.  I have 6 (lets pretend that my 8 month old is needing hair cuts also) in my family. And we do this every 3 months as recommended. Doing the math I'm coming up with at least $360 a year just for cutting hair!  That is a meal out for all of us, and a grocery trip to cover two weeks, and gas for the next two weeks with left over cash!

We can't have it. Something must be done. So I've done it.

Girls don't have an easy fix. We can brave cutting our own. Which I wouldn't suggest. When cutting for long hair any mistake would be extremely noticeable and possibly embarrassing. We could go to a salon for a trim without the styling, which doesn't cost as much as a hair cut.This is the option that I've decided would be best for us girls. I'd been doing this for a couple years and finally grown my hair out long enough to donate. But that will be something for another post.

The boys however... well I'm going to confess that I am one of those moms that cuts the boys hair. Well actually it's more buzz it off. I get out the motorized trimmers you buy at the store and get to it. I leave hair don't worry no bald boys. I use the number two or three attachment on our trimmer. I recently bought the Wahl brand trimmers and it included a really nice instruction paper on how to trim hair the right way instead of flying by the seat of your pants the way I have for a while now.

Honestly first I wasn't so sure about doing it myself. Fortunately I had my Grandma's saying in my back pocket. "It can always grow back" and she would know. She was used as her sisters guinea pig while her sister was taking courses to become a beautician.

With Grandmas saying in my head I went for it. Turns out it wasn't so bad. I have been doing these trims for a few years now. I'm more comfortable with it and each time I try to improve the cuts to make it look more professional. I don't know if they do but I think they look a ton better than a shaggy head.

My oldest hates it and would argue the point. Saying he loves his hair shaggy. However my youngest doesn't seem to mind. I think he even likes it. It could be that he likes to see how much hair ends up on the floor or that I always make over how handsome my boys are when they have a fresh cut. Either way I'm glad to have one child on my side.

I now also cut my husbands hair. He can do it himself but seems to prefer it if I do. It's become a kind of fun bonding thing for us. I not only do his head but I also do his face. He let's his hair grow out into a a rough beard then when it's just too long I buzz it off.

I not only buzz it off. He has let me do things to his hair that no husband should. He has let me make him look like an Amish man by buzzing just his mustache. He has let me give him some super long groovy sideburns. Tonight I gave him mustache that could have gotten him on TV as a detective during the 80's and he received an awesome receding mo hawk. This may all seem funny but tame. What he did however that no husband should do is, let me take pictures of each one. Yes, I have evidence of my villainy. Good thing for him, I can't bring myself to post them for all to see. So... I'll just have to stick to sneak previews for only a select few.. insert evil laugh.

Buzzing the boys and husband has saved us at least $180 a year. It has brought a mound of free entertainment. It has given me a bunch of black mail photos. Alright not the last part but I still say YES to getting out the clippers to save some money.

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