Sunday, December 15, 2013

Small Office = Magic?

This is my living room at the moment. As you can tell that despite the fact that things are not unpacked I have tried to bring the Christmas spirit to the house anyway. I can't plug in the tree at the moment because I can't find my extra extension cord but I was able to plug in some of the other lights.

In the middle of it all is space for my 8 month old to scoot around on the floor. Room on the furniture for my husband and kids to relax and watch some TV. But no room for much else.

This means that no matter how many wonderful things I come across on Pinterest to do. I'm not going to be able to do them. So at the moment I'm bummed and waiting for my hubby to finish the office so that the things that are in the living room at the moment can be put away.

He is getting so close to finishing it. He has the insulation up (the right way around unlike the insulation that was installed originally) and you can feel the difference. Now he gets to work on drywall. How I wish that we could be done after that but no. We will be doing all  those annoying little extra things like using that putty stuff where he has the nails, painting and installing the fixtures. Ok they are important to. Not just annoyances. I am just anxious to have it done and so is he.

I know he is because this project has been more of a headache for him then what it should be. One big headache is that he keeps misplacing his tools (all out of reach of the little one). I feel so bad for him. In the middle of his project and can't find the tool he needs. I just don't know how to make it any better for him when every other room looks pretty much the same.

I take that back the kids rooms look pretty good in comparison. That is just the mom in me to make them comfortable first. Their rooms aren't perfect but they do have space to play and there clothes and toys all have a place. Wish I could say that about every room.

Part of our problem is that going through things is being hindered by my pregnancy. Leaning over seems out of the question. Getting up and down off the floor is exhausting. Lifting is a no no.Then I have the eight month old that seems to know the exact time that mom is motivated and has enough energy to get things done. This is when she decides she needs to come first. I'm sure that every mom under the sun can relate. If you really need to do something they suddenly need you more than anything else, for one reason or another.

So here I am at a loose. Hoping that having that one room done will magically make the situation better. It's close to Christmas when magic happens right? It could happen.
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