Sunday, December 29, 2013

Snow Globe DIY

First Snow Globe.
As you can see I tried my hand at making snow globes. The globe to the right is my first attempt. It's not bad but I knew I could do better. Here are the problems with my first attempt. I was doing guess work is my worst offense.-I bought quart sized jars that are too big for my miniatures
-I glued the miniature directly to the lid.
I originally found the instructions for snow globes from The Sweetest Occation site which I found on Pinterest. Though it only has the basic instructions and I elaborate a little more in mine. Follow the instructions that suit your needs.

Since I bought a twelve pack of the quart sized canning jars I'm making do for my next twelve attempts. On top of that I'm making the rest of the jars into craft gifts for my kids and niece and nephews. Meaning they get to pick out which figurines and glitter they want use.

Below are the ones that I put together for them. Needless to say I had some fun with these. Putting the skiers on hills and giving some of them a snow covered tree.(Read side notes at bottom of page.)  I painted the wood block tops white. On one tree I spread epoxy around it in strips then rolled it in glitter to give it the decorated look. They are made for fun so anything goes. Try your hand and see if you don't get into the spirit of what you are working on.

You Will Need
  • Canning Jar
  • Figurines
  • Distilled Water
  • Glycerine
  • Wood Block
  • Glitter
  • Dremel Tool
  • Epoxy
  • Sand all the lids to help the glue stick.
  • I used wood blocks 3/4in tall to prop the figures above the lid of the jars.
  • Epoxy the wood to the lid
  • Epoxy figures to the wood 
Now I went a little over the edge of my wood blocks and so my jars wouldn't go over the figures. My husband told me that my dremel should be able to shave off unwanted access along the bottoms of the figures. 
 As you can see it's a messy process and I do suggest the safety glasses, mask and long sleeves when doing this part of the process. The mess can't be good for your lungs and the pieces flying off can sting a bit if it hits you. 

  • Using your dremel square off unwanted edges.
  • Retest with jar to make sure that everything fits and lines up as it should so you can properly close the lid.
  • Touch up with paint if desired.

  •  Next pour in the distilled water don't fill to the very top.
  •  add two drops of glycerin for large jars or one for the smaller
  • Add your glitter in desired amount.
  • Put your lid on
  • Option of putting epoxy on the lid to keep it on.
  • Shake and Enjoy 

Best Snow Globe Result after a few bumps.

Side notes...

Beware of the trees. They can fall off pedestals, any fake snow on them may come off and float to the top. There is a chance that they can discolor the water...

Sparkles may stick to the figures. I suggest wet them down before they come in contact with the sparkles as a precaution.

They are worth any bumps you come to. Even trees floating to the top of the jar is amusing when you have sparkles floating around with it. Love this Craft!

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