Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Stairs Are Not My Friend

I've inherited weak ankles. So in effect I have inherited an enemy in stairs. Last night I went upstairs to check on my boys. On the way down I got to the bottom or what I thought was the bottom stair. And everything went wrong. Somehow I ended up going down.

My foot killing me and I was in tears. I've had my share of falls but I haven't ever ended up in tears before so I knew it was bad. Since we still had boxes sitting around there was something to prop my foot on within reach while I  waited for my husband to come in to see me sitting on the floor. Lovely!

He was not impressed or surprised.

So we iced and propped my foot that hurts all the way around. Well this was starting to feel a bit better after a couple hours until I went to get up and couldn't put any weight at all on it. Deciding that I could handle it as long as it was propped up until morning I got some rest. By six though it was decision time. What was I going to do? I still couldn't put any weight on it.

We couldn't move me. I'd felt the baby move and was reassured that no harm had come to him. We called to have the paramedics come. They had to wheel me out and then lift me down the stairs into our car. Did I need two ambulances for this? No. But that is what I received. How embarrassing. I couldn't clean up for this trip or even make it to the bathroom. I had to PEE!  It gets worse. My husband had to go get his dad to watch the kids until my mom could arrive so this makes six men that came marching into my house.

Five strangers in my messy house. My father-in-law. Four kids watching everything. My husband. Can it get better?

Oh yes it can. The paramedics are looking at me like I'm crazy because they see no swelling or bruising. Ack! This is my nightmare come to life!

Here they are pushing me through the house in a wheel chair and out on the porch. They then lift me in this chair down the stairs to get me to our car. Awesome. NOT!

We take off thinking we'd go to the hospital that we go for my ob appointments. We get to the first town and I tell my husband to just go to that hospital because yes I still have to pee. Baby was starting to wake up and wiggle around. Close hospital with wheel chairs = pee stop. The only way to go. Pun intended.

I get registered at the desk. I am in good mood and showing no pain.(Because I'm not on my foot) It was painfully obvious that the nurses are wondering if there is anything at all wrong with me. Great more people doubting me.

They send us to one of the ER rooms after I use the restroom. Way awkward and painful experience by the way.

The nurse then ask all the normal questions.Then we wait while they call the doctor. So it's up to us to make me comfortable. I don't say anything and just enjoy having my husband to myself and we talk and joke around.

Finally the doctor shows up and takes a look and tells me that I may have broke bones going to my toes. This is when everyone is suddenly extremely nice and taking care of my comfort. They take action. Oh well I guess I can't blame them when I'm not showing the normal signs of injury. I'm still not swollen or bruised.

They double cover me and unborn baby with protective aprons for x-rays and took three pictures. The x-rays end up showing there are no breaks but the doctor reassured me that their may be a sprain  and possibly a crack in the bone that isn't showing on them and wont until later. He encourages me to keep doing what I'd been doing in the beginning with the ice.  And basically sends me on my way.

About half way home my husband asks me how we are going to get me back into the house. Groan.

We contemplate having him drag me in. But decided that it may not look right if someone drives by seeing him dragging me into the house. He asked if maybe we could roll across the porch into the house like a big ball. He decided that would not be very dignified. I don't think he has noticed how my day has been going. Dignity just doesn't seem to come into play.

We get up to the porch I sit on the edge and think I'm going to have to crawl into the house. Wait for it my embarrassment continues.

I sit there laughing as my husband says just scoot your butt to the door. At this point I'm not sure if he is serious or not. So I try but don't get very far that way before I'm laughing to hard to move.

My mom storms out of the house at this point in shock to see me sitting there while my husband is propping the storm door open. They help me get up and inside. I get situated onto an office chair that I can be rolled around on. Wee.

So eventually all situated, I sit in a recliner. My father-in-law let me borrow a walker he had. It is sitting there mocking me about my future if I keep having these problems. It's just wonderful having it and awful at the same time.

My mom packs up my baby girl since watching her on my own this week isn't going to happen. I'm sad but know I can't take care of her right now.

My husband leaves to get a few things at the store and I'm alone and fall asleep. An hour later my kids get off the bus storming in with a hundred questions. My oldest daughter decides to put on the brace and figure out with the walker how I am going to get around. Yes, girly, I will look just like that except for less graceful.

When my husband gets home he brings me a, happy accident, carrot cake. Wow don't I feel special. I have to say it's been the most painful day I've had in a long time as well as the funniest.

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