Tuesday, December 31, 2013

The Office Part 1- Wiring

As I've mentioned before that we have been working on getting our small office fixed.

This is what we started with. You may think, what is the problem with it other than the door being blocked by a desk.

The wind coming through the walls is one thing then you look closer.

You see it now? The carpet on the counter. Talk about old school. What you don't see is that that carpeted piece is inserted directly into the wall under the window. Supporting the window.

So it's time to gut the room. Are you ready? We weren't.

 The wall on the right is so old that it's original and we found square nails. We are keeping a couple as trinkets of this adventure.

We added outlets and more lighting. This was very time consuming because of all the old wiring.We need to find out where it was going and see if they are live wires. This was becoming a big pain. My husband was having to find this out in a round about way. That had to do with going down to the basement and calling me on the cell phone. Keep in mind that I am still barely able to walk. So when I meant pain I'm serious.

We did happen to go to the store and found this helpful little devise. It is a Sniff-It AC Detector. As you can see by the dirt it's been dragged everywhere in this old house. Well worth the money.
So with all the wiring sorted out. We finally know where the wires are going and which breaker they are connected to. I'm blessed to have a husband that is thorough and doesn't take short cuts. Specially on anything that could cost us our safety. 

I really suggest that if you have a house that you learn as much as you can about every part of it. If you doubt this wisdom watch shows like Holms Inspections or Love It or List It. Almost any episode of these shows with give you a hint of what could be happening right under your roof. Some can have some very scary conclusions if they aren't fixed. This is not what I want to happen in mine so on we go with this renovation so we can get to the next.
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