Monday, January 27, 2014

16 Tips To Warm Your Home and Body

Blizzards and cold is all anyone hears about right now. This cold has our propane prices spike to almost three times the regular costs. Now we are in the midst of going broke keeping ourselves warm. So we have to come up with new ways to keep as much of the warmth in as possible.
  1. Light a Candle-  Yes, light that baby on a windy day.  Then walk around your home. Near the windows, near the outlets, near seams in the walls, open the cupboards and watch that flame. If you can't feel the breeze it will tell you it's there and help you find where it's coming from. Take note of it flickering or even blown out and where it happened. Because those are you problem areas.
  2.  Be Your Own Handy Man- Many times you can fix these problems yourself or at least make things better until you can get a professional in. Do the insulating thing in your problem areas as best you can.
  3. Protect the Fort- If possible give your home some wind blockers. Every home needs to have help to stay protected from the elements.We may not be able to do it now. But start thinking about what could be right for your home. Trees, bushes, fences and creative blockers.
  4. Need to do Something Now?- Get out the blankets,sheets,towels, small nails, thumb tacs, duct tape or anything that you may have around your home. If you don't know I'm naming off insulating items that we use every day as well as anything that you can apply to keep something from moving. So get to thinking. Is it a door with cold air leaking through it? Options duct tape the edges, tac up a blanket... Is it a cupboard that seems to let in a draft for some unexplainable reason?  Stuff some pillows in there for now. Doing something now will save you in the long run.
  5. Alternate Heat Sources- Always have an alternate source of heat in your house. If ever you run out of your main, you can pick a room to heat with your alternate until you can get back your main one.
  6. Dress Like You Mean It- Nothing wrong with becoming an Eskimo in the winter. Wear heavy clothes, layer, Safety pin a blanket around your shoulders. No shame in that. If you want wear your snow pants. You gotta do what you gotta do.
  7. Bake It Up- If you have the opposite type of heating source than the source your stove or oven run on. It's time to get some baking done. It's a great time to stalk up your freezer with yummy dishes. It heats the home, smells good and fills the tummy. 
  8. Cold Equals Cold- Keep the refrigerator and freezer doors closed! Get in and get out quick. Just like in the summer we don't want them open. The home works hard enough keeping the house at the right temp without fighting the appliances.
  9. Got the Warm Stuff- Eat those warm foods.Obvious but still great advise. Warm yourself from the inside out.
  10. Cuddle Time- This is when everyone needs to cozy up with someone special. Body heat is a wonderful thing. I know this one is going to be a struggle.
  11. Close Off a Room or Two- That's right. How many rooms do you really need to heat anyway? It's nice when everyone has their own room but more cost effective if you can close them off. Here is what you do. Close the vents running to that room, Close and seal the door as much as possible. Keep in mind that this goes for exterior rooms. It's like another barrier from the cold and wind. Keep the closet doors closed as well no reason to heat what you aren't using. (make sure that whatever room you are closing off doesn't have any water pipes that could possibly freeze.)
  12. Cold Bed Drama- Admit it. You hate going to bed on a cold night. It's unwelcoming cold arms slip around you and take forever to warm. Your thinking get out the electric blanket! Stick the blanket in the drier! Crank the heat! Don't do it my thrifty friends. There has to be another way. Were you ever like me and read books about the way it was way back when? You know the ones with small wood stoves or fire places, five kids sharing a bed and such. If not here are some ideas for your fear of the cold bed. Set a chair near your heating vent with your blanket over the chair. Warm a brick to put by your feet, heat some water bottles or let your other half get in bed first (just kidding). Hang out sitting on top the covers of your bed reading or whatever. Let your body heat do the work before you get into bed for the night.
  13. Five Bears In The Bed- Speaking of five kids sharing a bed. If you have kids it would be a great idea. Except lets call it a sleep over or camp in. Have them all sleep in the same room.  You could even join them by sleeping on the couch while they camp out on mattresses or lots of blankets on the floor. Close the bedrooms and the vents to them, for the night. Let them make a blanket tent even. It's fun, cost effective and helps keep everyone warm.
  14. Keep on Moving- Keeping yourself in motion. It will not only warm you but also the area your in. Take it from me when all three of my older children take up a game of tag in the house they seem to warm the air. Now if they are sitting on the couch sure they are warming the room with body heat but it doesn't seem to circulate enough to make a huge difference. Besides it's good for you to keep in motion, right.
  15. Let's Make Love- Every man is looking for an excuse for making love. Well you got it guys. It does quite a few of the things I've already listed, all wrapped up in one. Keeps you moving, warms the bed, you have body heat working for you and it's fun. Who could ask for more.
  16. Who Let the Dogs In?-  Well for those of you with pets. Letting ones such as dogs and cats in your lap, couch or bed with you, is beneficial to you. Many are naturally little heaters on legs. Keep them close if you can and take advantage of the different kinds of warmth they can give.
For more about, keeping it warm, kinds of problems and answers check out my other post New House New Problems. If you have any other recommendations for us on how to save and stay warm be sure to share it in a comment. Give us broke and cold people some advise.

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