Friday, January 31, 2014

Art Selling-Online and Sold On Demand

Over the years I've done many artsy things and never got anything for the money I put into it, time or effort. I'm not a people person. So selling person to person has just been too intimidating. So I'm finally taking the dip into online sales. There are a bunch of different sites that you can promote and sell art at. Just look them up on Google and it will come up with hundreds of them. You have to have a way to narrow them down. Type of artwork you make, time you have to spend on the product, how much money you have to spend.

Narrowing it down for me went like this. I have most of my work in computer files. Images mostly. I'm going to have my hands full with little ones so making and sending out orders wont work. It has to be free. It has to be easy to use. It has to have decent products and reviews. I have to be able to keep the copyright on the things I make. Has to be easy to promote.

I'd narrowed it down to a site that offered on demand products. I knew that they were out there. They are the ones you upload what you want printed, they make it up for you and send it out for you. I get paid a portion on whatever sells.

One of the places I came across that was offering the things I was looking for was Fine Art America. I've never heard of this one. They give you everything you need to sell actual product by just uploading your photos. You can either sell originals through them without giving them any cut of the cost or have them make up your product for you. They let you do the mark up on how much you want to make on each product they sell. The product options to put your image on are canvas, metal, prints, framed prints, cards and iphone cases. There are so many resources that they give you for free. You only pay if you want the specialty options. I'm still discovering what all they have to offer. So far I've loaded photographs and images of paintings. Keep in mind though that size of the image matters.

I didn't stop with this one. I'm researching remember. I want to find the perfect online shop to sell my works. So I looked around. I tried I tried to figure out their system but found it was just confusing specially because you had to put amounts of products in. Well if I'm not the one buy how would I know how much will sell? I'm still at a loss at how they really work. They have an amazing variety. Cafepress just wasn't for me.

Then I found It's fairly easy to understand and start. I ended up really like it. They didn't have the specifications that Fine Art America did. They don't have the variety that Cafepress has but they do have more than Fine Art America. They have Shirts for every age, clocks, iphone and ipod and computer skins and things. They have mugs and throw pillows. You do have to resize pictures to fit the items. However you get a really nice preview of your work on the item. Many times I've found I didn't like my images on a particular item. So I could delete it from that specific item and change the photo to work better for that purpose. Then load the improved image onto the item again. This just made my day. Yes, it takes more time but I'm reassured that what products people are seeing are approved by me. I've also looked into what the reviews for the products were like. Most of the reviews were good, I'm happy to say. I'm excited to be able to order a few to see for myself soon. If you would like to see what I have for sale and get the idea of what Society6 is all about click Here

The last one that I'm trying out at the moment is Spoon Flower. This one is a different one completely. They sell fabric, wall paper, wrapping paper and decals. You design your own patterns or images just for you or to sell. Don't worry. They do have helpful instructions for first timers. They do operated a bit differently then the others though. You have to buy your own design to see if it comes out the way it should in design and color. You only have to do this once then you can put it up for sale. Then you get Spoondollars when your design sells. Spoon dollars can later be exchanged for money to go to your PayPal account when you have earned $20 or more. Even if you don't sell anything it is kind of fun to see what you can come up with.

Well, I'm now off to work on my new projects. I hope that this may have helped a fellow artist.

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