Monday, January 13, 2014

Birthday Freebies

This are just for joining the programs with promise of birthday freebies to come.

I was taking the time to flipping through my pins on Pinterest to get it cleaned and organized. I came across something that I'd meant to look into (no shocker there).

It was a pin about birthday freebies. I decide to go ahead and take another look at it real quick. It took me to I Am that Lady  and her list of birthday freebies. It is a really long and there are many that I'd never heard of. Instead of just picking a couple I made a list of the places that I knew and liked. Even then I had a really long list.

I was having such a good time applying for all these birthday freebies that I went on the search for more. So I did what most would do I Googled it. What I found was a ton more than I'd ever thought. These were on Freebie Depot.  OH MY I was having a hay day! Once again it had places I'd never heard of or that I don't have in my area. So I did some picking and choosing. These are the ones that I selected to join for now. I'm going to be sure to keep a look out for more. However if you have a few good ones be sure to mention them in a comment.

Keep in mind that I wont have everything figured out until June. I didn't take into account that I'd have to wait to see if I'd really get to use these. Although some do let you put the kids birthdays down. Score! I have those coming up. Another thing to keep in mind. Don't fill these out right before your birthday. Some do need time to process join them at least a month before.


Applebees- This takes you to their email club to sign up.

Bennigans- Has an e-club to join and sent a coupon for a free Brownie Bottom Pie with purchase of   entree within 14 days. Do this one if you know you will be eating there soon!

Chuck E. Cheese's- Yes it is an e-club. This however lets you sign up your kids up to age 10. It also lets your kids play games online to earn tickets before going.

IHop- This one is a little more involved. You have to sign up for the Stacking Up Rewards and the Pancake Revolution.

Dairy Queen- If you didn't know Dairy Queen and Orange Julius is together. So you could do one in one stop. However since we are talking the Blizzard stuff. Lets sign up for the Blizzard Fan Club. They give you a buy one get one coupon for Blizzards and a $3 off for 8-10'' Blizzard Cake just for signing up. Then you get a coupon for your birthday.

Orange Julius- This one you sign up and you get a buy one get one free coupon right way to use withing 15 days. (Watch that you are able to go in time to use this before signing up) And then you will get another for your birthday.

Red Lobster- Red Lobster offers a Fresh Catch Club to join. They don't tell you what you get for your birthday but they do send a welcome gift. A coupon for a free appetizer or desert ( read the fine print) with the purchase of two adult entrees. That you have a month to use from the day you sign up.

Pizza Ranch- On this one you sign up for their rewards card and the Monday before your birthday they put $5 on the card for you to use in the next 30 days.


Childrens Place- They have My Place Rewards. This includes birthday rewards you just put in your birthday as well as your childrens for ages 1-14yrs. Keep in mind that only one birthday surprise is allowed each month.

K-Mart- I don't know why but this one surprised me. They give the child $5 in birthday bucks and a surprise package.

Toys"R"Us- You know that giraffe they have well his name is Geoffery. He is the kids go to birthday animal. You can sign up the kids to get a card and gift every year from Geoffery. A birthday call from him. Even go into the store and get a balloon with him on it along with some other special attention. That is up until they are 10 years old.

Radio Flyer- Sign up for the Birthday Club. You can fill out dates for your kids birthdays and get $10 gift card for each. They even let grandparents get in on the act. Good job radio flyer for thinking of the grandparents!

Amazon  - Amazon members get Prime for free for their birthday.

This is my list for now but I'm sure I will be adding to update it whenever I can.

More to Come...

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