Thursday, January 30, 2014

Moms Without Bras Club

Ever hear about women answering their door without a bra on? How about the ones that go out of the house in sweats? Maybe even those that don't brush their hair or even get dressed before dropping the kids off to school? Oh the horror! How could they let themselves go like that? Those poor kids. What ever could those women be teaching their children.

We've all seen those mothers. Many of us have made comments about them. Maybe we haven't said them out loud but we've all thought these things at one time or another. I was one, thinking those things at one point, too. "Oh I'll never do that." I'd think.

Well, I'm now a pregnant mother of four saying, damn straight I've done it.

When I was thinking "I'd never do that", it never occurd to me how it would be.

I was up all night with a crabby baby, I've been up for half an hour spending the hole time dealing with the fighting school aged children. Someone knocks at the door. I'd completely forgot about them coming. No time for getting cleaned up so here we go. Answering the door with no bra.

How about the times I'm pregnant and none of my bras fit right. So at home I just don't wear one for the day and guess what, someone shows up.

Oh no! The kids missed the bus. I have to pack up the little one and get them to school or they are going to be late! I'm not dressed, that's just going to have to take a back seat. We get there late anyway. Have no choice I'm going to have to go in and sign them in for the day. Hooray for looking half cooked. Not.

I'm not feeling well, need to go shopping, hell I'm going in sweats. 

I'm pregnant and sweats are all I fit into but life goes on and I'm going shopping.

I know these are all just excuses but they are mine. Those of a real mom. A mom that doesn't focus on just her appearances. One just trying to make everything work out. A mom that doing things for herself gets left on the side of the road at times.

Now along with people thinking "that is disgusting" or saying it, there are those taking pictures or even videos. And now we have things like the iphones that just compound the problem. Putting our images online instantly. Giving a faces to those that are walking around in sweats. So that everyone can laugh and criticize with them.

Well, I'm here to say I'm not amused. Sure if I could, I'd be dressed to the nines every day. It's just that I'm not going to go broke trying to dress as I'd like. Fluctuating weight, messy projects with kids and even messier home projects make it nearly impossible to look good. This is why so many moms have a huge wardrobe. We have to have every type of clothing in order to face anything. Or like me have a very small wardrobe that consists of basic items that your ok with getting ruined. This is how I save money. Cut back on my clothing cost. Get better, longer lasting clothing for my kids.

In other words. I'm not going to dress up for you, the school or the cashier. If I dress up it's going to be for me. That is the way it should be. Do things to make yourself happy, not those around you. While pregnant, if I'm comfortable, I'm happy. With the kids, if they aren't late for school, I'm happy. When I'm sick, if I can do nothing, I'm happy.

Our wardrobe doesn't need to be advertised online. We don't need television shows telling us how bad we look. We know! We know that sweats aren't stylish. We know that pj's aren't for going out in. They are for comfort. That is why we are wearing them.

I know I'm not alone. I believe that this Moms Without Bras Club will probably be around as long as time itself. So get over it world. Moms aren't perfect and this aint no 50's sitcom. Don't even tell me that your mother was the perfect picture of what a mom should be because I'll just laugh.

Instead why don't you do something constructive. This may not be a 50's sitcom but it would make a world of difference if people would stop instagraming mean photos and do something worth while. Such as doing something for someone else, to make the day a little better. Like open the door for someone or say something nice. If you really can't handle seeing us like this goodness sake LOOK AWAY. We don't want you looking at us anyway.

Moms don't stress. Just think eventually we will over come this phase in our mommy life, it just may not happen until the kids move out. Until then have your date nights and look fabulous. Look like the hot momma that we know you really are.


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